Why Does Anyone Become an Addict?

https://www.recoveryfarmhouse.net/legal-child-abuse-and-parental-neglect-iced-over-with-ignorance/ “Love” becomes assault and battery once you turn 18. Strange transformation of violent abuse that we are taught is “Love”.

US 6506148 B2  Google that.  Why do they say in AA “don’t ask why”.  Oh its cause you obsess over things right?  Why the phrase “morbid reflection”?  If you do look at your past thoroughly you might find Satan, roaming to and fro seeking whom he may destroy.  And YOU may have a sacred call on your life that makes you an arch enemy of evil.  He knows his time is short.  LOOK AT WHAT THE PRETTY PEOPLE DID AND PARROT THAT…..

We are programmed into childhood abuse and taught to abuse our children with that same violence. Why? Because mind control can only take place if your FIRST TAUGHT THAT YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT WHO DESERVES TO BE HIT by those you TRUST & LOVE. The “I am bad & wrong” programming precedes all further mind control programs in the U.S. The controllers didn’t think the TV would work SO WELL as mind control. But once they invented the “KOOL” concept they had the children’s minds.

By James Dean’s smoking men destroyed their lungs just so they could look KOOL for just one moment and not feel the “I am bad and wrong” programming that broke their heart and self image. THIS mind control paradigm is why “spankings” are part of American social norms today. Of course

FEW addicts ever make it to the point emotionally where they identify their real reason behind addiction. The standard CIA “I am bad & wrong” programming is the primary MK ultra program, all other MASK programs follow. Adults defend mom & dad, “Oh I needed it” they will defend adamantly instead of looking at the bare truth of what Fucked them up emotionally in the first place.

Took me seven years sober to see what violent spankings did to my self worth and image of self. OR JUST KEEP IT BAFFLING because most people do not like the truth so they just don’t look. Label it a “disease” and call it a day “cunning and baffling”. Emotional solutions must be in place before a man can look at himself. SEEING OURSELVES IS ONE THING PROCESSING EMOTIONALLY WHAT WE HAVE SEEN IS ANOTHER.

If a man can’t handle the truth just don’t look. Call it “morbid reflection” and move on. But without looking at the child within and expounding on the past the man will NEVER know himself.

MORBID REFLECTION MORBID REFLECTION! Don’t look back you MIGHT SEE THE BEAST IN YOUR PAST….or you might see why in the hell you hated yourself so much. Don’t look now but addiction is self Punishment. So IF I PUNISH MYSELF THEN…I WILL BE GOOD. ISN’T THAT WHAT SPANKINGS TAUGHT US?????.

Don’t look now but IF your were spanked You were taught to PUNISH YOURSELF AND TO be in SICK RELATIONSHIPS. Don’t look now….”Love” has just turned into assault and battery” damn how’d that happen? Disclaimer: Knowing why does not change the need for the steps and the work in recovery. There is no wrong feeling only wrong actions. Step 11 & 12 are primary to recovery. No real meditation No self realization.