THIS IS NOT A RECOVERY ARTICLE YOU MAY WANT TO SKIP IT.  It is “the problem & causes of addiction” not the solutions.

Self Loathing is by design

What this article really is, is my great awakening catalogued for you to see in plain sight.  This is 4 years of research and revelation I give you.  It’s very scary and very true.  Pray for faith so you can bear it.

NEWS FLASH!  Satan IS the ruler of this world and YOU were/are an addict by design.  The more abuse you endured in the formative and teen years the more likely your calling from God IS.  Were you targeted?  Did the voices in your head tell you “your a piece of shit”?   The dark side fears you because God will give you POWER & MIGHT if you seek Him.

You are not ultimately responsible for who you were as an addict, or who you have become.  But you ARE responsible for learning, & changing.

What are you saying? You & I have been PROGRAMMED to be both self loathing and addicted just as your parents and their parents and on and on are programmed with the “I am bad & wrong/ugly” programming.

You live in a controlled, contrived society where you have been poisoned by “dumb me down” chemicals from birth.  Food, Water, Vaxx & supposed Vit K, formula and on and on RESEARCH FOOD AND WATER.  “Know them by who they show you they are, not by who they tell you they are”.

Please, knowing the “WHY” behind addiction does not change the solutions whatsoever.  Neither will knowing “why” keep you sober.

However knowing why explains allot and puts the pieces of a great puzzle together in a way we may never have seen before. The beast system wants you sick and faithless, godless & defensive toward your brothers & sisters.  The beast systems wants you to hate yourself and the people.  The system wants you to fear and revere IT instead of God Almighty.  WHY have they programmed you against being a “victim” as if this were wrong and shameful?  BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST THAT, A VICTIM ABUSED SINCE BIRTH.  Most addicts wouldn’t know mental and emotional abuse if it hit them in the face with a sign on its head “emotional abuse now”.  Almost every addict says this sentence in one paraphrase or another, “I had a wonderful or normal childhood my parents did their best, I have no idea WHY I became addicted.”  It’s cunning baffling and powerful, they say.  It’s a disease that cannot be understood, so they say, so they have programmed US TO SAY.  Its genetic we scream with relief realizing if its some disease its not our damn fault!


Saying anger is a character defect is like saying breathing is a character defect.  Don’t you see they want to label us “wrong & bad” by programming.  Even within AA the beast system RIDES FORTH spewing lies.  Every time they teach us that FEAR is a character defect they are telling us the human condition is inherently “bad & wrong”  FEAR is part of the human condition.  Its what we do with that fear that creates our character.  Good or wrong.

Sure “carnal” is akin to animal and our carnal nature must be tamed and tempered by our higher self which is spiritual in nature.  BUT we must shed the programming that says we are inherently “bad & wrong” because it puts us in defense mode.  We must also do a fourth step on our authentic wrongs.  However our programming has made us live up to who they told us we are to begin with: “bad & wrong, and ugly”.

If you do not know that you have this program in you let me ask you then, Why do you hate yourself enough to self destruct with drugs and alcohol?  Why must you numb your feelings?  Why are you so defensive?  People who attack other people feel they are under attack.  We who believe we are wrong and bad continuously are on high alert for any remote insult to us, why?  Because we first must believe the insult in our heart or it wouldn’t both us at all.  An insult is not an insult until we believe it.  All insults happen in the environment of LOW SELF WORTH.  We in America are programmed into LOW SELF WORTH.  LOOK AROUND YOU!  More importantly become self aware so you can defend against the beast system at large.

“Out of the problem into the solution”

First THE PROBLEM:  The solutions are all over this website this article is the problem  

Is it okay for you to poison your children?  If you put ALUMINUM SHAVINGS in your children’s morning H.F.C.S cereal they would arrest you.  Yes it’s a crime YET we have been fed aluminum all our lives by the elite.  The very fluoride they claim provides healthy teeth (lies) is full of aluminum as a matter of fact it IS A TOXIC CHEMICAL BI-PRODUCT of aluminium production.  HOW NICE HUH?

I only WISH TO GOD I HAD KNOWN THE Truth ABOUT VAXX & SHOTS BEFORE I HAD MY OWN CHILD and allowed THEM to POISON HER AT BIRTH. Ask AND RESEARCH (do not use google use another search engine for research)what’s in a vitamin K shot they give infants right out of the womb.  Not to mention the premature cutting of the umbilical cord that is STUPID AS HELL.  I am ANGRY, DAMN RIGHT!  And anger is NOT A SIN OR A CHARACTER DEFECT.  Anger is the appropriate emotional response to the holocaust in my face.  Anger= “Be angry and sin not”.


The media puts out little silly sayings to downplay the seriousness of our APOCALYPTIC LEVEL EVENT OF being poisoned AT EVERY TURN.   Research smoke retardants on furniture and clothing.  Why is the world not fighting against these murderous bastards who are killing our children?

Or the response question: “Wouldn’t the smart people (scientists) tell us if it were true that we have an enemy at the gates?”  Answer: Sure they would if they wanted to lose all their government FUNDING.

“Oh THEY wouldn’t poison us its for our own good” really?  BUT THEY ARE AND HAVE BEEN KILLING US LITERALLY FOR YEARS.  It’s not a theory like say “the big bang” or “your grandad is an ape” BULLSHIT which are theories.

Saying your an ape is the ultimate INSULT to the Creator and the Creation.

What’s all this MASS EFFORT OF lying and disinformation based in or motivated by?  Control, to keep you from gaining the power of God by prayer.  Yes I am talking SERIOUS SPIRITUAL POWER THEY FEAR greatly.  Furthermore, to hold onto their reign of power.  They fear more than anything losing their control and rein over the human race on Earth.  These people come from generations of bloodthirsty war mongering tyrants,  bloodlines who have been taught opposite of what we are taught.  That THEY ARE SUPERIOR gods.   They HOARD ALL THE HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF OLD.  THEY KNOW MAGIC IS REAL.  THEY COMMAND DEMONS EVEN.  But those days are failing fast as they lose their hold on mankind and demoniacs.

Then why do these ass holes spend so much time poisoning our brains literally if they are so much superior to us?  Cause they are NOT really superior.  As a matter of fact due to so much in-breeding they are becoming more and more TWISTED inside.  People like George Bush Jr. are falling apart in and out of mental hospitals (now that is inside information by vision).  George Bush Jr. has learned that God and Jesus are real.  He wants to switch teams and for that they will kill him if they have not already derailed his sanity.(vision by Jazweeh.com.)

You won’t find much truth on CNN and this part of my presentation is what I have surmised not fact like the food and drugs situation. ‘KNOW PEOPLE BY WHO THEY SHOW YOU THEY ARE NOT BY WHO THEY TELL YOU THEY ARE.’

See we are told that “the authorities are so much smarter than us” we don’t question those in charge.  70% of the people worship a picture show named Donald Trump.  He doesn’t even exist.  He is a caricature.  He is a puppet and an actor.


If you were the elite would you put yourself out there in harm’s way?  COME ON!  THE TRUE RULERS WILL SELDOM IF EVER be seen on the image of the beast called TV PROGRAMMING.

The truth IS in plain sight but YOU just don’t want to look and I can’t blame you.  Not a bit.  The Truth is just too damn scary.  So people stick their heads in the sand.

Image result for head in the sand

Truth is on Youtube but it’s quickly being censored.  Real people’s channels are being deleted and demonetized constantly.  Youtube is being overrun with corporate hacks posing as people.

All the media is a stage set to program your mind into self loathing, reverance of evil, and lies.  It’s all a lie.  From cosmology, to History, to Geography, even the Bible has many changes and lies.  It used to be full of truth….it has changed dramatically in the past three years especially.  What?  How?  See EYA on you tube.  The Wolf is now lying with the lamb.  What?  Not the lion and the lamb…the wolf. But if you don’t know the KJBV you may want to just let this supernatural even go.  This is for those who have studied for years past and have the Words of God written on their heart as instructed.  If you love paradigm more than TRUTH you will never see the Bible changes because….”they loved not the Truth therefore God sent them a strong delusion”

If you side with Truth, Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way then you will see past the strong delusion at hand.

God tends to give people what they want and that my friend is the downfall of men.  Free will + power = corruption.

Did the Jewish holocaust really happen?  Sure it happened but it wasn’t so much the Jews who suffered but rather regular people.  Israel has taken this so called “Jewish Holocaust” and ran with it.  YOU ARE PROGRAMMED TO DEFEND ISRAEL this is a political program.  My grandparents WERE NOT JEWISH YET they had to leave Hungary lest they be slaughtered by NAZI’s.

Look it up (don’t google) “who really died in the holocaust>”

Okay so what else?  The Earth is pretty much flat and enclosed with waters above.  Ya study flat earth I have.


What we know for fact:

  1. Our food is poisoned.
  2. Big Pharma Rules and owns many souls
  3. Vaxx is poison
  4. Vitamin K for infants is poison
  5. TV & Media lies at every turn
  6. WE HAVE intense self loathing and don’t know why.
  7. we feel the whole world is better than us but not sure why
  8. we think something must be wrong with us
  9. the money system is controlled in the way we are slaves to debt
  10. we are slaves without he whip.
  11. we are a prison country with http://occasionalplanet.org/2015/12/01/u-s-companies-make-a-killing-off-prison-slave-labor/
  12. The stranglehold on our finances is how they keep us down.  When you have to work 24/7 to keep up there isn’t much time to rebel.
  13. “They” the “corpses” Corporations Rule.  Governments SELDOM RULE and they are developing AI to the point where “they don’t need us anymore” for a labor.  Humans are being phased out in bulk.
  14. Holistic medicine oppressed and destroyed because IT WORKS and you can’t paton nature so instead they discredit natural cures CURES and trade them for disease causing and blinding allopathic medicine.  With the right plant diet your won’t get cavities.
  15. Cancer has MANY CURES as do most disease but then big pharma wants the money so…
  16. Inventions that would have phased out Oil Business $ are always oppressed.
  17. FREE ENERGY- oppressed and killed Tesla
  19. GMO’s are an abomination and corrupt DNA yet they don’t even have to label them.
  20. Pesticides kill they don’t need to use them AT ALL people grow food all the time without them.
  21. They have stolen the seed the good wholes original seed from our forefathers and made GMO’s where farmers have to buy their seed every season.  The corn creates its own PESTICIDES. Does that sound good to you? Are you fucking kidding me?  Who are these bastards?
  22. Farmers in EVERY COUNTRY are being destroyed and have been for years.
  23. Why?  Because farming makes us self sufficient.
  24. What was John Mellencamp “Farm Aid” really about?  We were just too fucking blind to see what he was telling us at that time.
  25. There has been a great awakening across the world spiritually.  God is waking up His chosen to FIGHT in the spiritual realms.  Jesus IS returning.  Ask Jesus/God to show you truth.  Pray that you NOT be deceived…any longer.
  26. Big farming causes Red Tide every year by their poisonous nitrates that seep into the mississippi river and into the Gulf, this in turn puts their MIRACLE GROW on the algae blooms to make it overrun unnaturally.  Then they label it “a natural occurrence”.  Fuck you big food.
  27. Please fact check everything I am telling you.  I am not about giving you resources for my five years of painstaking research.  If you don’t ask for guidance and truth from God you will never see or believe the horrifying truths I am telling you here.
  28. Bible changes- Now Jesus tells His apostles to “sleep on” instead of “wake! the time is at hand.”  SLEEP ON JESUS SAYS NOW.  EVEN HUNDRED YEAR OLD BIBLES HAVE CHANGED. I have one I know what I am saying here.
  29. Bible changes are one of the end times signs and wonders.
  30. Have you seen the new star in the sky?  Are they brighter than you remember?  Have you seen the new weird clouds and the chemtrails that have doused the sky for over 9 years?  Geo engineering is a fact most people don’t even LOOK UP.  Clouds don’t form in “X’s” across the sky.  And contrails evaporate quickly. We are being sprayed like fucking roaches.
  31. We humans have VERY LONG intestinal tracts like a deer or any OTHER PLANT EATER on the face of the earth.  Lions, tigers and bears have VERY SHORT intestinal tracts so MEAT WON’T GO RANCID IN THE GUT.  Meat eaters in natural MUST have short intestinal tracts.  SO why the fuck are we eating dead animals?  I can tell you this: had I kept on the beast systems diet I would probably have a colostomy by now.  I won’t go into details but CLEARLY I was NEVER MEANT TO EAT MEAT.  It was killing me, I was swelled up all the time, my thyroid was swollen.  Fish good, plants raw and cooked good, dead meat, blood, BAD.  Make Lori E very bloated for very long time.
  32. Why did I quit eating meat?  I had a great awakening at which time God guided me into some very interesting directions.  “Seek God first and all other things will be added unto you.”
  33. 32B Lets not forget WAR FOR PROFIT.  Every war that kills our young men is about the petro dollar ruling the earth or about money.  We don’t “SAVE NATIONS FROM OPPRESS” No the military industrial complex lends oppression to the masses.  It lays out inhumanity and crimes against humanity.  The lockheed martin’s of the world ARE those who pit armies against one another for their own causes.  The rulers, if they do know what is going on, certainly don’t tell us the truth.  CNN and the other stations all say the same thing.  They are running script.  MEDIA IS A CIRCUS AND WAR IS BY DESIGN.  5G IS A MASS SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND A KILL GRID.
  34. Our earth does not consist of billions like they say but rather millions at most.  THere is no oil or water shortages. They have made mankind helpless by taking away our skills to plant our own food.
  35. They have propped up up in front of a TV fed us poison to make us fat and swollen.  They have told us lies so we eternally blame ourselves for all that is wrong.  We repress our self loathing and focus it onto our brothers and loved ones.  They spoon feed us lies like we live in some huge empty void that has NO GOD and we are insignificant and especially worthless.  WE are sold a bill of goods that we are monkeys, no better than monkeys.  That magic is impossible except by demonic avenues.  That meditation is evil, God forbid you gain true knowledge of self and connect with God by getting quiet.  So the religions pain meditation as “evil & of Satan”.
  36. I always protected myself by invoking Jesus into my mediation so I don’t connect with evil spirits .  They have made “negativity” unkool, the knowledge of evil “unkool” and “acceptance” of anything and everything is the recipe for SUBSERVIENCE.  After all, WHAT IF THEY QUOTED PAGE 417 DURING THE SO CALLED JEWISH HOLOCAUST?  WHAT?  YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT HITLER’S DOING?  SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH YOU!
  37. Alcoholics Anonymous makes no bones about being “reprogramming” for the mind.  Problem is most people in AA also buy into the page 417 BS and never question WHY they REALLY became an addict.  And what and how their self loathing REALLY CAME INTO EFFECT in them.  That’s why addiction MUST BE LABELLED “DISEASE CUNNING AND BAFFLING”   why?  iF WE DO SELF appraisal after about seven years of working the steps with reprogramming we will see that our self image was by design.  We will see after seven years of house cleaning and truth seeking, step eleven and twelve working diligently that THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS IN THIS WORLD.  Our programming of addiction was just that “trauma based mind control”.  You have been programmed to self destruct.


Why do they poison and hate us?  They fear us.  They know our power, we don’t. Power if and when we truly connect to God and prayer.

Why do they fear us? Because they have the hidden knowledge and prophecies.  They know they are true.  They are fighting desperately to stop Jesus/God and the chosen 144,000 from rising up and CRUSHING THEM BY THE SPIRITUAL REALM.

Even now they think they have won.

  1. Well #33 the number of the supposed illuminati whole other topic.  Who are the “THEY”?  The rulers are those behind the corporations and the governments and the petrodollar, and big pharma, and the crushing of the farmers and the prison planet.  Maybe the Vatican, maybe certain Jewish sects, maybe they are merely infidels who hide among the rocks in great towers where they rule in secret.  Just like the great magician behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz.
  2. They themselves own hoards of rulers & slaves who run the corporations also from behind the scenes in the dark of night. The “they” have at least two levels of cushion protecting them from the masses.  YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY TRUE RULERS ON TV.  Nor will you see the second tier of rulers on TV.  CEO’S are easily the third tier of power or even fourth tier.  Trump is fifth tier.  He has less power than a corporate CEO has in many cases.
  3. Why do the rulers hide?  Would you show yourself and make yourself a target?  Of course not. TIER ONE OWNS EVERYTHING.  TIER ONE MAKES THE LAWS AND CHOOSES THE PRESIDENTS.  TIER ONE OKAYS WHAT you see on TV.  Tier one poisons your food by order and decree. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are tier 5 puppets.  They are posers who have some power yes but they answer to the REAL POWER behind the scenes.  They themselves have NO IDEA WHO THEY SERVE.
  4. If a man is in the public arena like a politician they NEVER SEE THE TRUE RULERS or even the second tier of rulers.  That would make the rulers vulnerable.  So look at it this way, you got Trump fifth tier of power, he answers to his “handler” directly. Most likely Evanka is a 4th tier of power (look at her eyes).  Evanka answers to a dark hidden power behind the scenes, hidden to a point called a third tier of power.  That 3rd tier hidden power answers to an even MORE HIDDEN DARK POWER who VERY FEW PEOPLE EVER SEE AND IS NAMELESS. TIER TWO IS NAMELESS and has access on occasion of one member of the ruling family of tier one.  Tier two is NEVER SEEN ON tv.  Tier TWO is NEVER in the public eye and if they do get exposed as a ruling power they are instantly killed.  Tier TWO are chosen from birth from the top blood lines of what they call the true royals.  Tier two are the only  hidden and dark power who have access to the rulers TIER ONE.  Tier ONE seldom expose themselves except for one family member who will show themselves to the hoards of rulers in tier two.  The hoards, chosen from birth, are loyal to the family tier one to death.  They can never be made public because they could expose the family.
  5. Picture a room with a stage and many chairs  Its dark, people, mostly men are ushered in and seated at number chairs.  There are great thick red velvet curtains across the stage.  These hoards of men & women are the underlings of every ruling corporations in the world.  There are only 5 or 6 ruling corpses.  The CEO is not the true CEO but rather these rulers tell the CEO’s what to do.  These hoard of rulers are tier two.  They wait patiently for their ruler from the number one family to appear on the stage before them.  The ruler will give them their directives.
  6. The ruling family has access to a fallen angels who have given these higher ups their power.  Why did technology advance more in the last ten years than in the last 2,000 years?  Because the fallen angels from genesis 6 story and the Book of Enoch removed from our Bibles tells the true story of the fall of mankind.   The daughters of men had sex with the sons of God (angels) in human form.  This created giants (see GenSix on YT) who when they died made demons.  Their DNA was “as in the days of Noah” un-pure so there soul and spirit had no home.  Demons came from giants and giants came from fallen angels.  Technology comes from the fallen also.  Why did God create the flood?  Because men had been corrupted by DNA manipulation.  Noah was “pure in his generation” mean DNA.  God was forced to flood the earth to save mankind from annihilation we believe.  This is why they removed the book of Enoch from the Bible.  They want you to think the Father is mean and brutal if you believe at all.
  7. What will the end of the age be like the apostle asked Jesus?  “As in the days of Noah so also shall the days of the coming of the Son of God be”. (bible change “son of man” instead of “son of God” Jesus has been downgraded in the Bible, the great seal of protection has been removed from the book and the edits are happening profusely & daily supernaturally to every KJV Bible especially).  So what does that mean?  “in the days of noah” well….GENE MANIPULATION.  In the days of Noah the fallen angels gave men all kinds of abominable DNA skills.  Goats with men’s heads, men with Sheep’s bodies, and on and on goes the abomination of DNA.  Hear of CRISPR tech yet?  see CRISPR tech story here
  8. My God people they are growing MEAT IN LABORATORIES they a fucking INSANE  Every heard “MAD SCIENTIST” these bastards take the cake.
  9. Now if you eat the wrong nano technology and have enough metal in  your body your DNA can be edited by a viral delivery system that cuts and splices your DNA literally, quite literally.  See the article about the “mark of the beast” technology.
  10. So “as in the days of Noah” shall be the end, the apocalypse, the armageddon, the return of our Creator.  The whole world will see.  People the prophecies finally make sense to us because of the technology.  Prophecies that were a mystery and we could NOT understand are now clear as day because of technology.  Study prophecy on Youtube before they remove it all.