Programmed to be Addicted & Betrayed by Technology

Betrayed by the Image of the Beast

In this day and age for those saved souls who know Jesus the most important prayer we can say may be “Father, let me NOT be deceived”.


I want to tell you a story of heartfelt truth. It’s not a made up story but I may use some allegories. Picture a little girl. Little Elior is her name. Little Elior has parents who love her but they know little about emotional nurturing. They don’t know how confidence and self worth are built because, well they have little of their own…they punish by guilting and shaming. They punish by violence. Even the father “spanks” little Elior at a very young innocent age. Naturally little Elior believes if her father hits her she deserves to be hit.  And the messages she repeatedly got from school, & parents were that she, not her actions were bad and wrong.

Programming a Nation One Child at a Time

Little Elior remembers the day she saw her first TV set. She was around 6 or 7 years old. Her grandfather who made good money at the Firestone rubber company in Akron brought home the first TV she ever saw. Oh how the family doted over the shiny new box. Soon there would be one in every home and later one in every room of every home.

The Emotional Tearing Down of a Human Being and the Love affair of a TV

As Elior got to know the TV she began to trust it. She was even comforted by it and grew up with it teaching her at every turn.  It taught her who she should be (but deep inside she knew the people on TV were much better and prettier than her, they were good).

She believed the important looking nice men in clean suits who told her what was happening in the world spoke truth.  They spoke with clarity and authority, she thought.  Surely they were the smart and important people.   She did not once fathom they would deceive or lie to her.  They carried themselves with honor and maturity.  She was so innocent and had no idea the emotional abuse she had already endured.  She trusted those she loved and the box (TV).

A Confused Child Parroting the TV Idols

As a child when she watched the Disney movies they comforted her and helped her dreams. She watched the Brady bunch, and other shows like Patty Duke, Bewitched, I dream of Jeanne, That Girl, Partridge Family and formed who she would pretend to be.  Her and her brother would run home to see “Dark Shadows” when getting out of school.

Demoralization Programming

Since her heart was broken by initially believing she was bad and wrong she would now become a version of what she saw on the TV.  She was unaware of her parroting and mimicked the TV characters subconsciously.  No longer would she speak her own heart & words…she shut down.  Now she would only speak that which the TV showed as acceptable OR that other people around her and at school seemed secure with parroting.  Since clearly she believed all other people were better than her.  They were right and she was bad and wrong.  Bad & Wrong programming is the prerequisite to ALL other programs, people don’t fake it till they are fully demoralized of self.

Because of her childhood parental interactions, its no wonder that she got into very sick dysfunctional relationships time and time again when growing up. In her heart though she didn’t realize it she believed she was just plain “bad & wrong”.

She lives her life defending against what her mind screams at her day and night “your bad & wrong”.

Programming that teaches children their human condition is a sin

Fear is not only part of the human condition but if we are not fearful it will kill us in many instances.  Fear is healthy. The Spirit of Demon Fear is another matter entirely.

They taught in the churches that if you fear or have fear your evil and that “faith cannot abide where fear is” so she assumed she was evil and faithless.  She could never live up to the perfection the church preachers spoke of…they were so good and she, so bad.  But still she had already prayed as a child.  She had already been heard by her Heavenly Father.

She had thoroughly blinded herself of the “bad and wrong” self realization.  At a very young age she stuffed it down deep into her bowels trying to forget it all the while fighting fighting defending against it subconsciously and overtly when she felt put down by others.  She was easily hurt because when people accused her, in her heart she believed the bad things they said about her.

Elior Became Her own Oppressor

She had fear of what people thought about her that caused anxiety, what would happen if her peers & friends found out that she was just bad and wrong. She became the mask.   She NEVER shared her deep truths and her true original thoughts.  She stifled her creativity, her imagination, and her intellect by this.  She was her own oppressor now.

Being fake crushed her heart even further.  She held every emotion in.  This caused her great anxiety so she turned to drugs for relief.

The Music programming of the early 70s said to her over and over and over that drugs were “kool” and oh she wanted, she needed to be “kool” because “kool” was right & good.   So drugs it was and plenty of them of every kind.

How she survived those days through her twenties was a miracle of God.  She had many near death and even experienced death itself at least once by overdose.  (See Elior’s Book)

Now, that is a short story of a child being formed by ignorant & programmed parents, and a TV set add in bill boards, education system, health care and poisons in and on most products at most stores  not to mention vaccines.  You end up with a self loathing drug addict who literally has no idea who she is.

Know this, Elior started out in a large Akron school with the third highest IQ on record at that school.  Perhaps by that information she was targeted.  She didn’t find that little tidbit out till much later.  Add in her parents being Jehovah Witnesses not being able to dress up with all the other kids in kindergarten at school or pledge allegiance to the flag and celebrate Christmas =  “shame”.  Her capacity for denial had become very great.  At some point her emotional & physical pain became so great at a young age she split and left her body.

Experiencing an Emotional Split, Out of Body by Trauma

I left out the fact that for some odd reason she kept, as a child ending up in the emergency room one accident after another.  Even the police investigated her parents but the accidents were really accidents, careless, yes but accidents.

Once she walked into hot burning coals and fell down with 3rd degree burns down her legs…during that hospital visit, she split.  The doctors would not drug her I do not know why.  The pain was so great that she split and went into a nearby closet while she lie on a metal table.  Her mother couldn’t watch, she was left the room because of the screaming.  I swear to you I went into that broom closet and remember it to this day.  I have not even shared the drug addiction life trauma she endured.  Elior showed Love to others and usually hurt herself first and foremost.  She had no right to condemn herself but she did, greatly, she did.

The Recovery and the Reprogramming, The Healing.

Given the scars remain.  At the age of 27 Elior picked up a bible and began to study.  There was one scripture that stuck out to her so much.  It validated her by her suffering heroin and cocaine addiction.

“Why do I do that which I mean not to do.  When I attempt to do good evil is right there with me.  I set out to do one thing and I do another.”  Apostle Paul.

She especially like the verse about Love being the greatest gift that later changed somehow to “charity”.

She was born again and met Jesus at the age of 27.  At the age of 30 by prayer and the laying on of hands she received the Holy Spirit and gifts.  She was delivered from drug addiction for years.  She felt more joy…she felt for years joy unspeakable.  It was truly a great gift of joy.

But old patterns die hard and self loathing surfaced again when legalism and unspiritual legalities condemned her.  She relapsed and fell very very hard.

She then learned what Grace really is and the depths of God’s Love and mercy by that great fall.  How else but by being the prodigal does a child learn her Father’s Love?  These lessons my friends are not for those who need milk.  The prodigal learn far more than the good son….but she didn’t know that then.

“He who sinneth much loveth much”.  Can a man who has not been the prodigal understand this scripture?  Can a man be a prodigal if he doesn’t have and know who his Father is?  No

Every elect son has been the prodigal.

The Second Deliverance

The second sobriety was different than the first. She learned about choices and that she had them. The first had been strictly religion/spiritual.  Now Elior goes to a 12 step program and experiences Deprogramming/learning and more importantly UN-learning from all that she thought she knew.  But she was different than some other recovering addicts…she had therapy in conjunction with the AA.  Her therapist was quick to point out the weaknesses and wrongs that are rampant in 12 step programs.  Thank God she did not become an AA Parrot.  Rather she became who she really is.

She looked around as people worshipped “the program”.  She watched as she became who she really was by learning once again and finally to express her True heart just like a child, all over.  But this time she knew what to expect and even though fearful, and expecting criticisms, SHE EXPRESSED OVER AND OVER EVEN IN FRONT OF ROOMS FULL OF PEOPLE AND AT NUMEROUS SPEAKER MEETINGS PUBLIC SPEAKING, SHE SPOKE HER TRUE HEART in a way that so many could benefit from it.  Those who had suffered with being shut down just as she had heard that its okay to be who we really are.

Oh sure people think they are who they really are but their emotional defenses tell another story.  You can’t fool with a mask those who have taken off the mask.

Elior know very well the survival skills of the fearful.  She knows now that “fear” is part of the human condition and to expect it.

The ONLY fear those preacher should be preaching against is a demonic level demon of fear that is another story.

Elior left AA after about 8 years of hard core 12 step service work and even more bouts with the 12 steps over and over.  She had therapy for a year with a man who taught her how to be who she really is and not to allow shame to steal her heart.  Or for false shame to steal her voice.

Elior became a writer of Truth. And oh how those in 12 steps criticized her.  They did not like looking at Truth.  She emotionally triggered there defenses regularly by debunking lies in AA.  They worship AA and put the mask of AA on therefore if AA looks bad they look bad.  She understands she was them.

But Elior is not finished growing

The Earth experiences a great awakening.  The Truth movement happens.  Elior discovers the Beast System at large.  She finally gets past the emotional neglect of her parents and realizes the entire system made her that destructive drug addict by design, BY DESIGN.  A perfect unholy design to oppress an entire generation of children into adulthood.

The drug culture is no accident.  She learns that the food in the stores is poison.  She learns that she has been programmed by TV and indoctrinated in the education system.  She realizes by The Holy Spirit the meticulous methods of mind control that the Beast has used against her and the masses.  Is she a targeted individual?  Maybe.  If not by direct contact surely by the beast system and her parents programming which they suffered as children.

To realize the Beast system is a huge awakening and a great revelation but it tends to cause much anger.  She had finally forgiven her father knowing he too was programmed, now she must forgive the beast itself and its system for her own well being.  But not before she spent years in “be angry and sin not” processing the anger.  Time takes times.

When she watches a holocaust that others can’t even see its not easy to get empathy from peers.  Make no mistake, the poisoning of nearly everything we buy is a great killing and disease holocaust.  The TV is full of lies and they have gotten very very good at controlling people’s reactions.   (See why women are getting more lung Cancer)

Predictive programming is real and the beast system has cornered the market.  But I am about to throw you a curve ball.

Elior was troubled by her ongoing anger.  She told God “how can I see myself as a good person when I am so angry?”

Relationship with the TV.

Three days after that prayer she realized her relationship with the TV.  It goes all the way back to her parents setting her in front of it and her being comforted by it and the Disney movies and Brady bunch and trusting the box to be good to her.  At 60 years old Elior who has been sober for over 15 years now realizes that she is hurt and betrayed by the TV set.

Oh how she cried when she finally was able to go from betrayal and anger to betrayal and hurt.  She cried as if a husband had betrayed her or some person had turned on her that she greatly trusted.

NO NO a relationship with a TV????  NO that is just wrong but look at the history.  The TV is before us as children, comforting us.  We trust it, we trust the system, we trust the government, we trust and rely on even the electric companies to keep our lights on.

All things are being revealed

We look around and wonder “Why, Why!   Why won’t they wake up!, why cannot others see what I have been shown?  We do not realize how deep our reliance and relationship with the beast systems devices goes.  I did not realize that the beast TV had hurt me emotionally and that is why I was angry for 3 years.  Granted…my emotions are somewhat constipated because for years I held everything in and was in such deep denial of who and what I was that I blinded myself so I would not have to feel any pain.  My emotional processes take longer than I like to admit.  But one things sure…it pays to admit anger instead of ignoring and suppressing it.

Acceptance is Key

When I finally said out loud that I was angry and finally prayed about it I then got the release of gushing tears to let out the anger.  I finally realized the relationship I had with the TV of trust and comfort.  And I realized I cannot expect Truth out of that box but yet I can find some truth from it like the video above that is a paradigm breaker video.

Thanks Anonymous for the great wake up call_______________Elior with Love