End Times Visions & Predictions

Sorry folks this article is not based on recovery topics. However its important
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Mandela Effect Scripture Change easily adopted as truth is it not?

Sleep on lost sheep sleep on. Perhaps is was Jesus Himself who changed this KJVB scripture from “awaken the time is at hand” to “sleep-on” as if Jesus would encourage blindness and spiritual complacency. As if Jesus would encourage the destruction of a precious soul. For the lost sheep will not awaken until after certain events occur. When they awaken it shall be the final harvest and if repentance is unavailable to a man at that time it shan’t be good.

Mar 14:40
And when he returned, he found them asleep again, (for their eyes were heavy,) neither wist they what to answer him.

Mar 14:41
And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.

Do you see the change?  Notice the 144?  I am sure you did if your awake.

Howso is today that day of certain vindication?

Because my breathren, The Father has this day awoken a company of His Holy Angels from deep sleep.  Including I believe, those under the river Euphrates but also many more up to 200 in a company.

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Their names holy and right.  Their purpose gold and hewn.  Their call delicate and mighty.  These angels bring comfort to some and wrath/rage to others.  Now it is done.

The vision of The Risen Angels

Some for wrath, some for safety…dragon angel.

Those angels reserved for the time of the end have been awoken to a new day.

May 15th, 2019 is the day on no Jewish calendar marked for purpose.  It is a day which had been a mystery to the fallacy called religion.    Had God given us this day in prophecy it would have been skewed hewn down by the powers that be.

Those who have stolen OUR KNOWLEDGE shall steal no more.  SOON SHALL BE THE GREATEST FALL ROME HAS EVER SEEN.

The family at the top they with the iron mountain and concave gates, they grow lazy and contrite with their black ops and heathen transgressions of old, railing accusations and lying wonders.  The ruling elite and its hoards fight each other in secret.  They hide behind masks of glory.  They rip and tear one another in the dark places of Earth.

The secret knowledge my friends, is the knowing that IF you invoke a demon into your soul you can have power, wealth, might and sight, even see into time itself.  Woe to those who trust in demonic words and deeds.

WHO ARE THE ELITE WE SCREAM?  See now, know now.

These black heartless humans who have traded by decisive measure, compassion for power,  empathy for money, and sight for blind lust.  These dark bastards of time grow into the demons that they thought they controlled.  The transfiguration has brought night to their heart and soul to become not just one with the demon that helped their power, but now they are compelled/possessed.

The elite are ruled over by the demons they used to rule. Now their powerful demons finally have full control over these human puppets.  This is not good for mankind says the Igor.

But what of Solomon’s ring the wise wreak and cry? They broke it in pieces and passed it out to their closest kin and brothers, smelt, and powder, smelt & powder was their mantra.  Each of them making pacts of blood as they stood by the river of anguish and rhine.  Torn by the sands of time they watched and demons rise and bow before them in great servitude the deceived surmise.

Woe Unto those who have made the pact of The Black Promise

They felt the spirit of power and knew full well of its promise to them.  The black promise.  Woe to those who have accepted a pact with the black promise of power & blood, woe.

This secret power has brought the elite far above the slaves of debt to the point of the chosen’s and sheep’s near annihilation of all that which is true and pure & good.

We debt slaves are attacked at every turn.

Our Father is finished with allowing evil to rein.   The separation is over….the final separation is at hand of the wheat and the tares.  Yes that old story, that old worn out yet true story is the answer of all, the great wisdom of why.

The chosen have woken up they know who and what they are…to a fine point.  God HAS activated the 144,444 or is it 144,000 hmm.  The bride is awaken.

The lost sheep are another matter as they “sleep on” as the new false scripture instructs in

Mar 14:41
And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.


“Those who stole shall steal all the more, continue”.  WOULD JESUS SAY THIS?  COME ON!

Rev 22:11

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

COME ON, we know Jesus said “turn from your wickedness lest ye be caught unworthy unawares, in that day of My coming”.  Wake, do not sleep, Turn from wickedness and rebuke evil lest ye be lost forever!”  Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are one.  Father encourages us to seek Him now while it is still day.  What part has “continue in wickedness” to do with that?  Whose voice, children is now coming through this KJV Bible? Whose voice or vice, indeed, whose voice indeed?

The Bible is updated on the shlvees

Here is a Secret

Today, May 15th 2019 the vindicating angels of The Lord God Almighty have been awoken from their deepest sleep.  How do you know this Jazweeh?  How, verily how do you see this?

Jazweeh has watched as each angel of old that has slept for many many years even 2,000-4,000 years have they slept.  She watched as they were named by a song and hint of Jasmine was given to their call.  She watched as they heard and smelled the key to their sleep today.

They rose each one one by one a company of angels arose from inside the Earth even to its core.  Even those bound in great chains and boxes/chests under rivers, wakes, and seas the chests were opened.  The lights were rekindled.  The many called, voices sang and cried out by direct instruction of the Holy God of Israel, The Father of Truth and Life.

Verily I say he awoke these angels unto their end times calling of rage, wrath, divine protection, and even of tokens of insight as they spread their wings the people themselves are and will be empowered greatly.  Others will burn.  They are angels of both light and dark.  They are angels of both death and life.

They call not one nation, not one religion, not one color nor one name.  These angels answer a signet only to the seal of God that is brighter than life of a human.  Those who are sealed as these angels look, on what do they see?

They see a great sun brighter than bright like viper rays shining forth from foreheads of mere men.  Light beams on their forehead.

The clay has a great sacred jewel inside its robe.

The robe is the body.

The cleansing is the process of a human purification.

No unclean thing is in the robes of the sealed.

Verily the purification is by design and it is severe.  In some cases it brought the chosen to their knees with sweat and cries; this purification.  The purification was both gradual and abrupt for the chosen but they endured with cries for God to take them NOW!  Or Heal them one.  And He did heal them.

Again, Jasmine was the vine that awoke the sleeping end time angels with a song of their own name they heard to rise and go to be instructed of The Father of what their mission is now, today, even after their gratitude and worship for such a blessed calling and part in God’s plan of old.

And so the angels march on.  Today they will rest in God but tomorrow their task begins.  Expect it.

Their mighty task begins.  All are sealed.  The sheep, many still sleep.  The goats were created for the separation and then inevitable destruction.  It’s often hard to tell a goat from a lost sheep.  They are much alike.

The serpents are paralyzed.  They slither hearing the vibration of the great awakening of the angels but they cannot find that frequency to locate and destroy. They panic and struggle in their blind ambition to destroy the mighty in Christ.

Their technology screams to them “hear the m-hz”!  “Hear the signal” it says.  “hear that great acoustic!”  But where is it from, what did it do and say?  Ha!  It awoke the hidden great ones.  It awoke God’s favored.  It awoke the named.