Cult Rules of Alcoholics Anonymous Especially In Facebook Recovery Groups

The Cult Rules of Alcoholics Anonymous Status Quo for those Reprogrammed but not Healed meaning Not recovered at heart level.

Recovered– Self worth is restored, self love is apparent.  Our self worth comes from God therefore if someone puts down AA it doesn’t trigger us to rage.


Reprogrammed– No recovery or healing has taken place at heart level therefore we only have reprogramming of the mind into the AA mindset program.  Therefore if someone contradicts one of the AA mantras or the disease concept we attack them because it is an attack on our person we think.

Hi, my name is Lori E. and I was a self destructive codependent. My drugs of choice (poisons) were opiates and alcohol.

Become who you really were meant to be or become an AA parrot.

If you follow these cult rules your a parrot.

All members must adhere to these rules or be considered non compliant.

Amendment #1  AA traditional mantras always take priority over Truth.

Amendment #2 If they put down or even show ideals contrary to AA status quos they put us down so we ATTACK.

Amendment #3  “Live and Let Live” is our Lie.

1. Members must download the directives of how to become an AA robot instead of becoming a clean & sober version of who we really are. You must be a copycat to fit in.
2. Quote mantras instead of using your own words.
3. make others look stupid so whenever possible so you don’t feel so stupid
4. never ever do self examination stay in blame.
5. blame others for your feelings
6. NEVER look at wrongs suffered “victimhood” is illegal in AA no matter what abuse is in your past.

7. wrongs suffered are EASILY 50% of any addicts emotional issues, ignore them anyway.
8. Attack people in mass who don’t follow cult rules.
9. Those who speak in their own words must be silenced.
10. Hate and blame all those who don’t use the AA language.
11. Learn the AA language and speak in those copy cat words at all times.
12. Follow the leader to become an AA drone. NO FREE THINKING is PERMITTED.
13. FREE THINKING THREATENS THE BEAST SYSTEM you will be attacked for free thinking. Therefore no free thinking allowed.
14. The disease concept MUST BE ADHERED TO AT ALL TIMES OR we will hate and cast you out.
15. Different means BAD. We hate all those who act differently than the PROGRAMMING DICTATES.
16. AA PROGRAMMING Must take place as soon as possible. AA programming happens when a human thinks they are bad and wrong therefore they put on the mask of AA to be accepted.
17. Those who do not wear the AA mask will be hated.
18. You will not be healed you will be brainwashed instead. And reprogrammed into an AA drone module. Healing is for therapy. No therapy or healing is permitted in AA we deal primarily with reprogramming the mind. That way if you miss meetings you relapse.
19. Those who speak healing must be shut down and silenced.
20. Be mean to people, it gets them sober.
21. Criticize people, it gets them sober, they need criticism.
22. Tell people how bad they are it gets them sober.
23. Always look for the wrong in people and their words & actions.
24. Always look for the differences in people, find how they are bad and point it out.
26. If someone allows themselves to be vulnerable in a meeting take advantage of that, its a chance to put someone down to make you look good.
27. Those who get real and vulnerable in meetings should be punished by mocking.
28. Mock people who are vulnerable.
29. Copy cat all catchy phrases in meetings to show yourself approved.
30. Preach being a slave to AA meetings for all your life.
31. Show newcomers then can never ever be healed or stop meetings.
32. Make jokes when people get real emotionally
33. Emotions of intensity are a crime and must not be permitted in meetings.
34. All emotions are character defects in spite of the human condition.
35. Don’t mention NA in any meeting the word is not permitted.
36. Clean time trumps emotional sobriety.
37. Worship Bill W.
38. Worship and exalt both Bill W. And the Big Book.
39. Those who do not worship the Big Book shall be punished by mocking.
40. Bill W. and the Big Book are Honorary Deity and must be exalted.