Spiritual Windows of Opportunity from Heaven for Quantum Recovery

Quantum Recovery = Recovery that is made faster and easier by spiritual helps.  A recovery key of sorts into a realm of higher support team actions that make your overcoming addiction a fact in real time.

God gives us chances on earth to live when death is at hand. He allows us grace periods to see when we are blind. And there are windows of opportunity literal and spiritual that we can feel in our heart of hearts when they appear. For instance, if we were/are an addict in need of deliverance, a window would open in a 24 hour period in which if we made the right choice sobriety would come much easier and roll out like a magic red carpet even though the processes of recovery are very long and emotionally treacherous. With the right people at the right time we learn. Our choice would present a momentum toward good and healing

which no inertia(stuck in addict patterns) could stamp out.

Windows of opportunity from Heaven must not be ignored. The evil that bound us in our addiction is clearly weakened and cast down during these windows of opportunity.  Grace is the gift at work during this time.  We are given a heart to hear our creator this is why step eleven must be taken seriously. And without step 12 there is less opportunity to walk through the fear to create new neural pathways in the mind that pave over the old paths of destruction.

Above all, do not be the arbiter of your own ignorance by labelling spiritual matters “impossible” and labelling ones self unworthy of God to the point of denial. All have failed in goodness, some can look at themselves in a true light and see they need God while others must lie to themselves about who they are for fear of judgement.

One thing certain, we do not have the right to judge ourselves to condemnation. We don’t have the right to punish ourselves for our shortcomings. What is brutal addiction if not self abating? And punishment.

Pray to see your window of opportunity in whatever it is you need to accomplish for recovery and healing.

How to Identify Your Window of Opportunity

Symptoms of a window of opportunity for getting sober.

  1. A positive feeling of overwhelming desire to get sober.  This positive feeling differs from remorseful, negative consequence driven guilt based feelings.
  2.  A positive outlook of your goal of sobriety.
  3.  A confirmation from some outside source.  Example: A friend calls and says there is an opening in detox.  Ex.: You see recovery based signs often like commercials and billboards surpassing your usual awareness of such things.
  4.  A feeling of strength and lessoned fear regarding sobriety.
  5.  An energetic momentum toward your goal opposed to a feeling of dread when every action toward your goal feels like a battle from hell.
  6. If you ignore your window there is no telling when the next one will come.  And if you try to get sober during dark days of oppression the spiritual battle will likely be too much for you.
  7. Your window will come most likely in or very close to a special holiday date, a birthday that is meaningful to you, or some certain date that will be your sober date and will be for you a sign that God IS handing you the gift of sobriety on a silver platter.  All you need do is pick it up and it will take on a life it’s own with momentum.  When God is at the helm of your sobriety you meet the right people at the right times.
  8. Always, always include God first and foremost in your struggle to overcome addiction.  This is 33% of the battle.  1.Spiritual, 2.Emotional, 3.Intellectual (patterns of thinking).
  9. You must have a format to create new tapes that play in your mind like daily AA meetings.
  10. You must quit suppressing tears and fears, and learn to express what is really in your heart if your going to recover.
  11. You simply must allow God’s power to flow in your life or your not just screwed in recovery, your screwed in death.
  12. Good Luck    Bio Con Dios.