Fight Addiction in the Physical and the Spritual Realms

Praying always in the Spirit our battle is not against flesh and blood.  Our enemy is the voice of the dark.  That voice can be us or dark mocking spirits who work for the enemy.  Or both.  AA will help us reprogram our destructive brain that we not mock ourselves or others in word or deed.

First we pray God to KNOW WHEN WE ARE UNDER SPIRITUAL ATTACK.  And we learn the difference between our voice and the voice of the enemy by working the 12 steps thoroughly.

Pray for The Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.  Stay sober, stay vigilant because you do have a spiritual enemy and warfare going on.  We can fight addiction in the natural by going to meetings.  We MUST also fight it in the emotional realm by learning how our emotions have used character flaws to blame others for our plight. That blame must stop.

Your spiritual enemy wants you to think it does not exist.  Many of us have been to hell and back.  Have you seen that dark enemy?  If so know this you are more powerful than it.  But first you must be reprogrammed to believe it.

We must NEITHER Mock or condemn OURSELVES or others.  Learning our patterns of go-to dysfunctional character defects that hurt us and others is vital in recovery.  If we are Christian based believers we also know that we have been mocked by Satan every step of our life with the “you are bad and wrong” B.S. media program of the masses.  We have been mocked by a voice that tells us we are worthless bad and wrong every step of the way, till we believe it.

Yes we have done wrong things, but now we do “the next right thing” and rebuild self worth from the ground up, repenting in step 5 of all our wrongs commited to others.

Please don’t think I am contradicting myself here.  We must learn the difference between constructive repentance (confession & step 4 & 5) and self demoralization.  The difference of humility from self abuse.  So we learn to show respect to ourselves and others by the 12 steps and especially steps 11 and 12 to build new self worth.  Without God, step eleven prayer, service work, and meditation your new neural pathways program in AA will be in vain.  It wil lack substance and NOT get into the place you need it most YOUR HEART OF HEARTS.

We must believe in faith that we are good and God does LOve us eternally to recovery.  This takes work lots of work and lots of faith, hope, and courage.

Are you done?  Are you done being Satan’s bitch?

We have been programmed into the “I am bad and wrong” by the image of the Beast, media, TV, and our fellows have demoralized us to the point that we have learned to habitually demoralize ourselves with the “I am bad and wrong” rhetoric in our heads.

What else?  We have been lulled to sleep by a story told to us all our lives which says, “you must be like this, you must be what the image of the beast shows you or your bad and wrong.”  WE WILL NEVER BE THAT WHICH THE BEAST SHOWS US of VANITY and carnal beauty.  Furthermore that image of the beast on TV is not only a lie but its his image of antichrist.

THINK!  You have watch the image of the beast all your life and now you suffer from self loathing…..the beast has torn you down with a secret language.  Find out how here.

Once you realize HOW they program us into self loathing (and then we all just demoralize one another due to that self loathing and low self worth).  Then you can defend against the beast image.”  TV is the image of the beast mentioned in the Bible.  Know this, The Holy Bible is being changed every day, it is no longer reliable if you do not already know the words and have not already bound God’s words about your heart.

Once we begin doing the next right thing we set the stage to acknowledge that we are doing good things and therefore are good.  We use validating affirmations during daily step eleven meditation, over and over and over.   Never speak negatively in the “I am” context. Except to repent or apologize.  Say “i apologize for….”  not “I am sorry” you are not “sorry” you are good.  Learn how our words have been used against us.  

 "I went to a meeting and helped others today.  I am a child of God therefore of MUCH value.  I stayed sober today.  I have positive dreams, and goals.  I am fighting in the Spirit for The KIngdom of God. They overcame by the Word of their testimony and by the blood of The Lamb.  Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world, My God is THE MOST HIGH GOD!  I do NOT have the right to condemn myself!  Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  Follow your heart for out of it burst the well springs of life.  Put on the whole armor of God.   I stayed sober another day.  I helped others stay sober by going to a meeting. I eat right.  I sleep well.  I don't drowned myself in wifi especially not when sleeping.  I have learned how to protect myself in the beast system.  Be in the world but now of the world.  Bind these sayings about your heart during meditation until you know they are truth.  Increase your faith by prayer.

We remember to tell ourselves these good things.  We do not need to defend ourselves in the natural because we understand that we are good.  If we are wrong we repent and apologize.  We understand we are suffering from the human condition and have been brainwashed to believe we are garbage.

We create a new program in our mind during step eleven and by repeating step 12, titled “I am a good and obedient child of The Most High God and every hair on my head is numbered by Him because I am of much value.”  Do step 12 as long as it takes to reprogram…usually about seven years in AA. Then carry it into your life in whatever way your heart leads.  Never stop meditation in Christ by which we commune with our God.  Put on the armor of God.

Do not believe the lies of the false church.

Don’t engage in false humility because it is a lie from Hell.  We do not have to put ourselves down in meetings saying how worthless we are to pretend we are humble.  Sorry that’s just a lie.  True humility is knowing the patterns of one’s own character defects.

Addiction is self punishment at its worst, and self avoidance at its best.