Why You Can’t Stay Sober Same Reason Most Christians Will Miss The First Rapture

Most Christians Will Be Left Behind, But Not Because of Sin…..

Most Christians will be left behind by reason of their heart condition.  The same thing that needs to happen to get real/truthful with God needs to happen to stay sober.

“We MUST become as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God”.  Meaning teachable and reliant on our Higher Power.  So be sure you choose a H.P. who is Loving & capable.

What are the partially blind sheep hiding from God?

They hide the fact that their heart does not trust God.  They hide the fact that their heart does not Love others.  They hide the fact that they hate.

They hide the fact that they feel some unbelief.  They hide their fear.  They hide their shame.  They hide the fact that they are afraid to show God their whole heart and true self so He can then cleanse them.

Until they grow a pair and get real with themselves, they cannot get real with God.  Its a process and a long one.

Many Christians are just babies and need 7 years of work on themselves to become self aware.  And that’s IF they will do the work or say the right prayers to become aware of their own heart.

How can this be?  The beast system has succeeded in shaming us all so deeply and at such an early age that we hide our truth and wear a mask by default. 

We have worn the mask for so long most of us don’t even know we have it on.  We, many of us, believe we really are the embodiment of the mask that we wear.

The mask we unknowingly wear is bits and pieces of TV characters, perceptions of our classmates, actresses and actors we admired, those we emulate by their outter appearance.

We judge harshly our own insides by the outsides of our peers.  This is a false perception of humankind.

While our true heart, the child, (we MUST become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God) is buried SO deeply, it is gagged, bound, dispondant, dispossessed, utterly, silenced, and broken.

Our own heart viewed as “bad and wrong” nearly inherently, due to the long term and generational programming of our minds.  Our own heart’s voice has been shut down by our intellect.   We go through life self editing our Truth that so badly needs to be expressed to be healthy emotionally.

This is where most people say to themselves “this article is psychobabble, bullshit,” with an angry tone of thought and block the site altogether.

Let’s face it folks, if we are in end times you don’t have time to do the work for self awareness.  It takes a minimum of seven years to break down life-long emotional survival skills and walls to see clearly emotional provocation reaction patterns(of dysfunction) not to mention core resentment, hurts, hates, fears, and deep trauma.

That’s right seven years to clear the wreckage of the past emotionally.  That’s with intensive work.  See its not easy to cope with reality when it comes to the complex emotions of a traumatized human.  As most humans are traumatized by the Beast system as the foundation of their mask programming.

We live as if our true heart does not exist at all.

We found its feelings unacceptable, vulnerable, squeamish, pansy, chicken shit, fearful, and just plain socially unacceptable (as we were taught) so we hid it away.  Problem is who can see it?

Therefore how can we get real with God when we do not even know our own heart that cries in the dark.  Why did Jesus say “we MUST become as little children”?  Most adults rebuke vehemently the idea of a vulnerable inner child.

But that is where truth sits, truth sits in us in the place we cannot face or tolerate because of emotional survival skills that crush all vulnerabilities in us.

Something will have to rip away our walls since we won’t bring them down willingly.  If we are to know God truly the walls MUST COME TUMBLING DOWN.  This my friend is where most

Christians miss the mark with God.  This is why most Christians will not make the first rapture.  How do I know?  Interaction but more so because I finally know myself.

Most sheep have dropped their belt of Truth and are headlong under the strong delusion at hand they still wear the helmet of salvation PERHAPS are these blind sheep are saved I don’t know.   But I do not think they won’t make the first rapture.

THE SOLUTIONS:  12 step work, Learn healthy emotional tools, Empathic Therapy, Rampant prayer without ceasing, start from the beginning square one with God, admit to God we need help, take off the blinders, ask not to be deceived, ask God to save us NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.  Maybe He will ramp up the process and bestow an end times miracle upon us. 

Lay on the bed.  Put both arms out to the side, now show God your entire heart, show him that which you have hidden, write down all your fears and ask God to remove.  If you think your not afraid your blind.  Ask God to open your eyes to your own heart and to help you process Truth.  Pray God for the belt of Truth and the whole armor of God to be on you.  Go to https://recoveryfarmhouse.net and https://recoveryfarmhouse.com and learn about recovery.