Wells Fargo is Being Hacked I Have Proof

I apologize to everyone that the proof I had mysteriously disappeared from my files so I deleted the webpage.  However if you have questions just email me at edgarlaura826@yahoo.com

I will say this.  Wells fargo posts to “pending transactions” first at which time the money is deducted from your balance.  Then once the authorization and transaction have been completed the “pending transaction” disappears and is placed just below in “posted transactions”.

The way I was being hacked was this; Once a legit charge of mine went from pending to posted it would then disappear from posted.  Then it would reappear in pending as a new charge and the process would start again.   The money would be deducted a second time.  The only difference was the date of the authorization had changed to 24 hrs later.  And the routing numbers which the money is sent to of course would go to the hackers.  So the only way to verify weather I was hacked or not is by the date and the routing numbers which only Wells Fargo has.  I feel I should have access to any banks routing numbers if I am sending them money.  I shouldn’t have to call Wells Fargo to verify that what says is “Wal-mart” is in fact a “Walmart” bank account.  Just because it says it’s Walmart doesn’t mean the money is actually being sent to a Wal-mart bank account.  This is a duplicate charge except the money goes to a different place.  I cannot believe Wells Fargo doesn’t have safe guards against sending money to an account that says “Walmart” yet is actually Joe Hacker.

I should add, this happened over and over.  I changed to a new W.F. account and it started again.  They were not hacking my online account because I can’t erase transactions and put new ones in.  Obviously they had full authority to move numbers around.  I should also say that W.F. did give me my money back every time I reported it.  But the thing is, it’s a hard thing to catch if you have allot of transactions rushing through your account.  What I do now is follow the money.  Every day I check my account and make copies of the activity.  That way if a completed transaction get’s erased I have proof.  And this was the proof I had that it was happening.  I don’t know what happened to the data.  And yes they used Wal-mart and several other debits that are common to my account.  But they made the mistake of taking money when I had very small balances.  They are brazen absolutely brazen  And highly intelligent.

For now W.F. has gotten them OUT of my account…but I am watching.