Wake Up or Die

Wake up! In the next 20 years technology will (if corporate rulers succeed) take, remove, make obsolete to humans HALF the jobs on the face of the Earth. That is 2 billion jobs in 20 years will be LOST to AI (artificial intelligence). No wonder the Georgia guide stones and elite rulers want to do away with 2/3 of the Earths population. Keep eating the poison people. Munch down on those heavy metals. Yum yum please put more aluminum in my biscuits. DUMB ME DOWN.

Can I please have some more OXYGEN BLOCKING TO CELLS; hexane and chloride in that cooking oil? How about a little tbhq or bht in my processed foods. SLATHER ON SOME MORE OF THAT REALLY TOXIC LOTION, SHAMPOO, SKIN PRODUCTS going straight into my bloodstream bypassing the stomach, BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND CONSUME MORE CHEMICAL BI PRODUCTS CALLED FLUORIDE, check your bottled water people! And how about those great geo engineered fake clouds full of more heavy metals that have putrefied the skies and Earth for over 20 years? Wake the fuck up or you will be a statistic and won’t live past 55 if that. Maybe that’s fine with you. BUT TO ME THIS IS THE FOOD HOLOCAUST. Corporate rulers have covered all the depopulation bases. Is this my opinion? After 8 months of research your damn right it is. CANCER IS MAN MADE AND A LACK OF NUTRITION.