Organic Marijuana and Spirituality

Organic High Grade Marijuana and Spirituality

What’s the Link? (article written by Brenda Lane) Pertaining to addiction recovery.

The prospect of a spiritual tool like pot to help enable a spiritual experience of awakening isn’t something we should do often.  It’s kindred to going into the mountains, taking peyote, and facing your demons.  If your used to high grade pot it will not work.  If you smoke pot recreationally it will not work because your too used to it.

First Protection

I don’t advise meditation without the covering of Jesus. Furthermore I don’t even advise smoking pot without the covering of Jesus.   I meditate in Christ covered by His sacred blood that He shed on the Cross, and by His Spirit.  Why?  I would not feel safe seeking the spirit realm without spiritual protection.  It’s not wise at all.

2. But isn’t meditation evil according to Christians?

“And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming.”

Yes Christians on the most part think meditation and even the sacred crystals written of in the Bible are evil.  Satan has done his job well convincing us to only talk and never LISTEN to God.  Training your mind to listen to God is what meditation is about in my book.

Moreover how is getting quiet and seeking a closer relationship with God evil?  How is using the Lords prayer as a mantra and envisioning it word for word evil?  The reason to do this is to train our minds to think on one thought and not stray.  Once we have succeeded with this we can empty our minds.  Is that also evil?  And all this should be done (if you are a Christian) to seek Jesus, have self revelation of our fears, hurts, shame, and improve our godly walk.

How to meditate

If pot was or is your drug of choice, or if you see it as a chronic and addictive solution to fear and your emotional condition then pot meditation does not apply to you.  If you  believe addiction is about the substance rather than a person’s heart and mind then this article does not apply to you and won’t make sense.   Clearly there are people whom pot simply didn’t work for in their addiction.  These are the very people who can benefit most from an occasional organic high grade Marijuana meditation session.

I have been sober over seventeen years and yes I have smoked a few times in that seventeen years.  Many A.A. members wouldn’t even consider me sober.  Members have a right to their opinion.  I would cite the fact even our trusted leader and mentor Bill W. used LSD in an attempt to attain another white light experience.  And that’s the documented one’s that we know.

I have found that spirituality has ebbs and flows. Please, if you’re a former substance abuser then ‘fear‘ loves to get a foothold in your life.  Fear completely controlled some back in the day.  We must not let fear take the lead ever again.  Meetings and the repetitive working of the twelves steps will strengthen us if we take step eleven seriously.  There are some conditions to using organic pot (high grade) as a tool in our spiritual program while in addiction recovery.


  1.  pot cannot be your previous drug of choice.
  2. It won’t work if you use pot as an emotional crutch
  3. you should not have inklings toward the abuse of marijuana whatsoever
  4. it’s best if pot never did much for you
  5. it works best if you rarely if ever smoke pot
  6. it works great if pot tends to make you paranoid and expose your fears therefore you generally just say “no” to weed.
  7. and the most important of all that you have several years sober and have already developed your coping skills therefore you won’t be inclined to use pot as a coping skill.
  8. must be done with the right motives which are step eleven meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand Him.

Suggested Preparations these are not all required for results but the more you do the more it will benefit your life and meditation:

  1. GO ORGANIC for your health sake. (one in two people will get Cancer)
  2. Go on an organic vegetable fast a month or more prior.
  3. do a complete water fast for three days prior
  4. Use Frankincense and/or other essential oils during daily meditation as a preparation and cleansing tool.
  5. pray and meditate every day for one to two months prior.
  6. Repent to your Higher Power for any guilt or shame you feel regardless of what your logical mind tells you, let your heart guide you.
  7. Use herbs, crystals, and essential organic oils in daily meditation.
  8. Start an exercise regimen and be sure to give yourself an hour every day to “Spirit building time”.
  9. Read whatever literature you have that builds your positive outlook in the mornings.

Sounds like allot of work?  Well it is but the question is do you want better grounded-ness?  Do you want to be happier and healthier.  Do you want to have the awareness to be in the will of “God” as you understand Him? Do you want to know what a spiritual experience feels like?  And moreover do you want to meet the Spirit Guides  who are “just men made perfect” “Just” as in justified who your Creator has assigned you?  Do you want messages from your higher guides of truth and inspiration, enlightenment and fulfillment?

Heb 12:23

To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

After all there are more than just God, angels, demons, ghosts, and The Holy Spirit in the spirit realm in spite of dogmatic teachings that keep us bound up in fear of everything.

If your not sure about it, omit the pot, you don’t need pot to seek God, this is just a tool for those who want to engage in self realization for constructive purposes.  We must also process emotionally by sharing, confessing, writing about and emotionally expressing (with deep groans or screams if need be) what we learn about ourselves or see in our souls during this process.

Once you have done all the preparation light a candle, and smudge by burning some kind of herb in the house.    If you have a cleansed crystal be sure it’s washed in a natural water source and lay it on your forehead and one on your neck or heart.

One example of feelings during meditation

Now that you have so diligently prepared your body mind and soul, smoke your high grade marijuana in whatever dose your comfortable with or uncomfortable with.  For me all it takes is two puffs and I am there.  Suddenly I am feeling uncomfortable.  I am aware of my fear and shame.  I realize to myself that my level of shame is much higher than I want to admit to myself.  I realize I have been repressing many fears as a survival skill, pushing them down down down into my gut.  The pot has created an uncomfortable awareness within me that facilitates an opportunity to address my deepest fears.  I write them down and ask God to remove them.  I repent of any sin resulting in guilt or shame.

I begin my prayers or mantra.  You can use the Lord’s prayer or an Indian prayer.  See recovery prayers  Give thanks to your Higher Power over and over.  Pray from your heart.  Repent of past wrongs.  Pray for those you resent.  Ask for forgiveness.  Lie down with the crystal on your head and neck and quietly relax.  Do this for at least 40 minutes with your eyes closed and your mind open.  After that, If you’re a Christian praise Jesus over and over, thank Him, raise your arms to Him.  Cry to Him.  Let out your pain and hurt.  It’s okay to be a human who gets hurt.  If we have hurt others we need to make amends to them at some point.

Crystals are referenced in the Bible over and over.

I must say many Christians have not taken advantage of one of God’s blessings to us called “Crystals” because they have been told they are evil.  It doesn’t matter that their own Bible expresses the value and sacredness of certain renowned crystals that are not only on Earth but even in Heaven.  Shall we leave such a wonderful gift to the non Christians who seems to be more open minded toward Chrystal use than the most informed preachers?  I think not.  Read it for yourselves. TO MEDITATE

Perceiving that the use of a Bible advocating sacred and Heavenly rock is evil is just sad and based in superstition.  It’s all about motives.

Deep in our meditation once we get past the mantra we should achieve a quiet mind that can hear and see more clearly.   We may be visited by our Spirit Guides or the Holy Spirit himself.  The degree of spiritual experiences do vary.  But most involve some type of healing and deliverance.  Expect a miracle.

God looks upon the heart.  If we are scared we should tell him so.  Reach out with your heart.  From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Most people especially those in emotional pain use criticisms and blame as a coping skill.  We lay aside our temptation to put people, places, and things down.  We leave aside our ridicule and hatefulness.  We repent even though the word makes us a little sick inside.  That is the ego that wants to keep us sick screaming to escape the truth about ourselves.

Why does the truth set us free?  Because when we realize who we have been  we can speak out loud/confess our character defects and they will lessen.  It’s called humility to be aware of one’s own character defects.  We do not label ourselves with negative names.  We never say “I am” followed by a negative.  We say “I have” or “I did”, word have power, never label.

We do not have the right to condemn ourselves!  But rather we do self examinations so we can work on ourselves by going against the grain of our old survival skills and using the new and loving survival skills to cope day to day.

The ego fights to stay sick because it’s a part of us that is scared and deluded. The ego blinds itself because it doesn’t like what it sees.  The pot works to help you look, process, and then accept.

Our higher self is the one who should take control.  We must not ignore our inner innocent child who has valid fears.  We can write our fears down and then pray and give them to God.  Making a fear list is part of the fourth step listed in the Big Book.  We can make Love the ruler of our actions by getting in touch with our higher mind and spirit.  Blessing to all.

Visions and revelations are a result of ongoing meditation.  Don’t doubt or write off your visions as imagination.  All things are possible with God.  If God made humans in His image then we can achieve the miraculous!