My Message to Friends of Bill and Bob Facebook Group

It seems there is some confusion to my motives among some members of our group.  I want to clarify.  I also invite writers to share their experience, strength, and hope by sending me your articles to put into print.  Join the group here

Care and fear are two different things.  I care about all your opinions and beliefs.  I care about my reputation and what you think of me.  This makes me human not weak.  Can I control it?  Of course not.  Can I make you like me or change your opinions?  No only you can do that but I can shed light on my own motives.

My name is Lori, I am a recovered alcoholic. 
I got sober by several methods including  AA/rehab/therapy/white light exp./steps/spiritual seeking/and fellowship.   I advocate all of these tools including church. As for AA if you go to RFH you will see step work experience and articles all over the website. I believe in living the steps not in dependency on AA after years and years of step work and learning. The 12 steps and fellowship are AA recovery.   Meetings are gravy they are not the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as it’s outlined in the Big Book.  However meetings are a helpful tool in many ways.  
Fellowship is a vital component of recovery as I well know. I am not anti AA but I am anti AA dogma that isn’t in the Big book yet is hailed in AA across U.S. If you love the little titbits of false beliefs called AA rhetoric that have worked themselves into many people’s belief system that are no where in the Big Book or 12×12 and even refuted by our literature, you won’t like my writing. If you love status quos and misconceptions, you won’t like my writing.



My message today: There are some valuable exercises I learned in addition to AA that helped me SO MUCH I share those here and there. My articles are my experience with getting sober. My sobriety date is Easter weekend 2006. It was actually on Good Friday that year that I got rescued by police and locked up for two months. It so happens the cops drove me to a rehab where I met my sisters in sobriety and gained my support group.  My story [one version] is here:
In addition to being in the middle of the boat in AA for many years, I am Chairman of the New Life Group, Florida, meetings chair, member of Corrections and Treatment committees including young offenders, County jails and work release for a very long time.  


The magic communication skill that invokes healing

In the therapy aspect of my recovery, I and several other woman learned a communication method called empathic healing that we use as an extension of the fifth step. It’s simple. It is about sharing with caring and like minded woman “what happened and how it made me feel”. When dealing with intense events and feelings. We do this so we don’t get emotionally clogged. I was emotionally constipated and that is what got me sick to start.
The healing technique is also about working on core issues based in the fourth step and processing those in a like way. Why does this work so well for us after nearly 12 years of recovery? Because it’s a Love based empathic communication where we listen, relate, mirror, affirm and understand one another based on the works by Dr. Randall Mayrovits, Meridian, Bridgehouse, Gainesville.
The process expels toxic emotions rather than pretending they don’t exist and repressing. It’s magic and the woman in my group defied statistics by staying sober with empathic healing and AA together. Without it and AA none of us would be sober we believe. The woman in my group are very successful in being a part of life and society. Most of us are still active in AA as well. My story is here:
 My spiritual belief system for a very long time is outlined in my book “Paradise for the Hellbound” However several of my views have expended since I wrote the book.  Read free here: