Climate Change Denial

Climate Change Denial

Check out the NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer Tool HERE

Addicts weather in recovery or not are well skilled in the art of emotional, and intellectual DENIAL.  It would NOT surprise me one bit to find that rarely do any sober addicts believe our planet is in danger of flooding due to the melting icecaps, Greenland, and the Arctic.  Nor would most believe the melting ice caps are most likely caused by man made chemical pollutants.  The fact that Miami has been flooding recently isn’t enough of a slap in the face to wake people up YET.  But the question to me is this, why is it when scientists give us hard facts due to research, experiments, and truthful scientific data that we believe them EXCEPT when it involves such a horrible and inconvenient truth as the destruction of life on Earth as we know it?  When science tells a man “if you have an erection lasting more than four hours contact a doctor immediately…well they do it by god!  Or if science tells us a cure for Cancer is discovered and works famously…we believe it!  But what is it about rising seas and raging thermometers that makes people think OPINION SUDDENLY TRUMPS SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH?  What the hell, 60% or the world are global warming deniers?

Flooding Map and projected sea rise levels in your area.  Find out how long we have till the melting Arctic and Greenland turn to floods.  The small ice caps have already melted folks.  Look it up. CLICK the blue “Start” to click on and see your towns flood potential.

Many scientists are saying we are living the sixth “mass extinction” and that it’s actually amazing we humans have survived as long as we have.

I have spent weeks on websites like National Geographic, NASA and NASA’s Climate Kids, Miami Times, Climate Central, floodsmart, Weather Plus, and many other reputable government weather and ecology websites.  I have researched the dead zones, the red tides, the melting ice caps, the pollution, the nitrates, the carbons, the causes of our hot planet, I have even investigated the psychological causes of the male hierarchical climate change denial and why they call the science a hoax.  And through all my research my conclusion is this;  

The predictions are saying 4 feet rise by 2100, 2 ft rise by 2050 so that would give a 1 ft. rise by what?   Well if in 33 years it rises 4 ft.  then divide that by 4 that make it 8.25 years a foot higher. level

Man does not want to take responsibility for the demise of the Earth hence the denial.  Second If we were to acknowledge the impending doom we would be forced to be inconvenienced.  And given the selfish make up of human-kind we say SCREW INCONVENIENCE and climate disasters.  Map of rising seas.

Mankind will not acknowledge climate change disaster until it is in his midst.  Weather the disaster is natural or man made is partly irrelevant.  What will we do?  Create giant ice cubes and throw them every morning into our seas to slow things down?  No wonder they are polluting the skies with aerial smoke to slow down the heat of the sun.

God knows addicts usually hate change and acknowledging disastrous climate change is the epitome of embracing change on a colossal level.  I know it’s changing me already.    Psychology of a climate change denier.  Still wondering about those “FEMA coffins” that are stacked up miles high in FEMA camp locations around the country?

For me all this climate change awareness started with the rude awakening of my favorite beaches being quite literally DEAD.  Yes dead no oxygen to sustain life, that’s pretty fucking bad wouldn’t you say?   When I shared my disastrous scientific finding on Facebook one of my friends says; “I was just through there, my breathing was fine.”  When I asked him if he went out on the beach he had no answer to the question.  The oxygen is being sucked from the air on the beaches of the West coast of Florida from St.Pete to Naples.  But even the local residents are deep in denial if they are not directly on the beach where life is impacted and the health risks evident.  The majority of old timers in Bradenton area are coughing their asses off and blaming it on allergies.  Right allergies. I had a headache the entire time I was there.  I am telling you, I was there and 50% of people over the age of 60 are in the throws of coughing fits. Cats are getting asthma and pneumonia is on the rise.  The person in the hotel room next to mine coughed all night.  I took one gulp of beach air and new exactly what it was…Red Tide oxygen depletion.

For years the powers that be have been saying the Red Tide is from a bloom but really it’s from the death of a rampant over-run of agael due to the artificial fertilization of oceanic plant life. Which in turn dies and a bacteria over-runs the oxygen creating Dead Zones. “A natural occurrence”?  Right hyped up man made fertilizers running endlessly into the Mississippi to our oceans is anything but “natural”, well I guess that depends on your definition of “natural”.  Read Red Tide Here. I heard that 40 years ago when Red Tides were few and far between.  Now they just won’t go away.
But who gives a fuck? Not anybody on my friends list well no I take that back…I have one or two friends out of thousands who actually think mass extinction, Red Tide, and Polar melting is an immediate threat to life on this planet.
Well there’s always the aliens opinions…and a message from the aliens on a webpage that has over 200 million page views. Interesting very interesting.