Are you a New or an Old Soul?

Read this story and find your answer.

There was a blessed spirit in Heaven it could fly; it was completely sustained by the light of God that was readily available in the beyond where it existed. We will call the blessed spirit Elior. Elior could travel from realm to realm, planet to planet; dimension to dimension he could take any shape he wanted. The realm that housed the seven Earths (God did create seven) were only one of the realms that Elior had toured. There was a realm called “Ecstasy”, the realm of “Wisdom”, the powerful realm of “Love”, there was a realm called “The knowledge of every universe”. Elior could help any creature or being that he desired…he did much good and had powerful knowledge as a supernatural entity.
One day during a great rebellion in Heaven by an angel named

Lucifer and his partner angels Elior was confronted by an evil being who offered him more power and more enjoyment than Elior thought possible. Elior realized that his God was holding back and not bestowing upon him all the joys available. Elior became angry and felt the emotion of greed and the need for power. Just like Lucifer all the beings like Elior had free will at this juncture contingent on the condition that they obey the one command of God to “DO NO HARM”. Pure beings like Elior have much more power to carry out what is right. Even though they can feel negative emotions and temptations they are not fueled by fear nor suffer from it therefore they do not have fear’s induced lack of sound judgment and reasoning.
Elior was angry at God and took the evil being’s offer for more power. Elior ruled with Lucifer and his angels until they were all thrown out of heaven and the blessed spirits like Elior were thrown into a magic bottle where they were given by God two options. These blessed spirits could follow Satan and his evil angels and find a home in the vast universe absent of God’s Love in them or they could choose one carnal planet to suffer a lifetime of punishments on and feel the mortality of humankind unto death. After their mortal death they would be reunited with God, His realm, and God’s wonderful Love. (Which unfortunately Elior had learned to take for granted.) However, to be returned to his true home Elior must seek out God while he is on Earth in the flesh. To regain his purity Elior must gain spirituality while perplexed and mislead by human emotion and even lied to by fear; the contradiction of pure Love. Elior would not have to be perfect by any means. No, no, to be redeemed he would merely have to establish a connection with God and choose to seek Love rather than power. Elior must choose who he wants to spend eternity with God who is Love or Satan who is evil.

Elior felt remorse for the irresponsible decision he had made to seek power with Satan. He knew an existence without his creator would be horribly lonely so he chose the painful growth experience of carnality so he could one day be re-united with his creator.

Elior had been to the seven Earths he had seen the beauty, he felt the planets sun, air and water but he had never ever been a human. Elior had only been a spirit born of God. He would be permitted certain choices concerning the journey of humanity he would now undertake. He was able to decide which Earthly curses and blessing he would endure as a human. He had to decide which of the seven deadly sins he would have to resist. He had to decide by multiple choices who his soul-mate would be and who his children would be and which temptations he would have to overcome. He would still be under the command of “do no harm” however he knew as a human that would be impossible to obey completely. All blessed supernatural spirits living in God’s sacred realm know that to be in the flesh causes any pure spirit to engage in lower nature behavior and be guided by selfish and fearful intentions. They know pride comes before a fall.
Elior got to choose which Spirit guides would help him during his plight by suggesting in his human brain ideas, warnings and directions. There would be certain great truths he could choose to be revealed to him as a human that will help him understand himself immensely. He got to select one guardian angel and he was given five possible options on how he would die. Like a cat he would be allowed the grace to be saved from Master Death five times so he can fulfill his task to be redeemed. He got to choose many options but as a human he would have to do the footwork and listen to his Spirit guides for precious helps.

Elior knew he would not be allowed to remember or visit his realm of true origin while human he would only be allowed to astral travel to his home during deep sleep or meditation. He got to choose a mortal body and gender. He would be allowed a number of dejavu’s which would be a hint to him of his eternal nature.
Elior would be provided everything he needs as a human living on Earth.

Elior would experience imprinted feelings whispering from his own soul. He would feel the absence of God and family of origin which would hurt. His soul will miss his family’s Love which will impact his human emotions. The only relief will be his temporary reuniting with his family while dreaming or meditating. Poor Elior little did he know even with all the choices and helps he would have he won’t be given any assurance or answers to the question every human asks “why am I here and what lies beyond this Earth?” The helps available will not relieve the fear of death Elior will experience. However if he seeks God fervently he will be given several white light experiences to strengthen him and put him on the right path.

If he chooses this human journey there would be humans on Earth like him “old souls” the humans call them. There would also be humans born for the first time into the life they will currently be living. These [first time into existence] or “baby souls” will be beginning their spiritual journey and will not have the soul-knowledge that the old souls possess. These first time humans will not really be as evil as they seem to be to the old souls. Baby souls are just ignorant of spiritual matters and need an old soul’s counsel and testimony to help them grow and become spiritual if they will allow themselves to. Baby souls are all given a measure of faith to nurture and grow by. They are souls also therefore, worthy of God’s Love as children and equal in value to an old soul. They have their own choices to make.

The [first time] humans will possess a magic for Elior. If he overlooks and tries to understand and forgive their ignorance in spiritual matters it will make Elior’s plight much easier. Elior’s warranted task of doing good deeds and helping the baby humans nurtures his power to give unconditionally which is Love. Therefore when helping the first time humans the old spirit beings receive a fulfillment from God by the power of karma which is the sister of Grace. Yet, the fulfillment will be temporary and the timeless guilt of abandoning the creator will return in the pit of Elior’s core heart. The feeling will linger until the next fulfillment is infused by doing one more act of kindness toward those little baby soul humans.

And so… the journey begins with a crying scream of a baby crashing from the womb of a woman in the act of birthing a child with a soul much older and wiser than her own.