Answers to quiz “Do you know your Big Book?”

Answers to A.A. quiz
Correct Answers

1  We should be armed with…facts about ourselves
2.   What kind of disease?  A spiritual disease
3.   What kind of list?  A list of our fears
4. Bills reason for our being in the world?  To play the role God assigns.
5.  Responsibility pledge controversy?  2& 3 not in big book and implies debt to AA

6. While working with others avoid:  Argument and fault finding-
7.   What do we carry every day according to Bill W.?  Carry the vision of God’s will into all our activities.
8. What thought should be with us constantly?  How can I best serve thee and thy will be done.
9.   Bill labels us?  Undisciplined-
10. Bill W.’s labels for alcoholics   All of the above, below:

a. Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
b. Incredibly dishonest and selfish
c. In respect to liquor Dangerously anti-social
d. Insanely drunk
11.A careless or inconsiderate remark:  Will raise the devil
12 Relationship question:   all of the above is correct