Accept the Human Condition of Fear

And Begin To Heal from Shame & Repressed Fear of who we are.

We have a choice to make today toward our fellows posts and in meetings. We either search our psyche & heart to RELATE to what they are saying and promote healing, OR we take out our RED PEN and GRADE their share as if we are the disgruntled school master and the share was written by the bully of our classroom whom we want to hurt because we were so badly hurt. Or worse, he made us look inferior we perceive. And finally if someone posts something we don’t agree with we must DEFEND

against it because why? Because different means we must be wrong and beautiful means we must be ugly. Why else would people get angry at innocuous in-difference & God’s creation of feminine beauty. The primary emotional survival skill of the addict will naturally be “make THEM look bad so I can feel good about who I am” and he will continue in this emotional dysfunctional skill until he grows some real confidence and peace by his right actions and step 12. And he finally asks himself What is it I am really afraid of? If the human denies inner fear he denies his own identity & his human condition cannot grow. Making fear “bad” creates shame and makes us sicker. Accepting that we are afraid is a huge step toward emotional health.

(scaredy cat, pu**y, chicken sh*t, yellow belly, pansy, sissy, weak, mama’s boy, grow a pair, worm, gutless)

And then we wonder why we are so sick? For the human condition includes fear yet fear is labeled a DEFECT so we hide it away till it makes us SICK. Holding in fear for years because of detrimental TV & School PROGRAMS that have run in our impressionable minds have made us sick. Some believe these programs are intentional.