A Note to my Alcoholics Anonymous Family

Alcoholics Anonymous Family,

There is so much in this world to fear. The more research I do on the condition of the Earth, food, pollution, radiation, food additives, toxins, malnutrition due to processed foods the more I am learning about THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS in 2017. So I regroup & choose faith and hope to kwell the horrible uncertainties of the future. My HP has got my back. And I know the tools that bring me back to the safety of “NOW”. Writing is one of my tools. So with all the dangers around me I moved myself on to the solutions just like my favorite AA cliche’ states; “Out of the problem into the solution”. And my 2nd fav. “Move a muscle change a thought”. 3rd “the program works”.

Members pushed me to become active in AA Area conventions, District 14 AA, meetings and my homegroup bus. mtgs. as well. Also Treatment committees and corrections committee. Getting involved with planning aspects of AA is one reason my self esteem went from zero to pretty darn good. Step 12 can be the platform that leads to our new identity. There is one other thing that I noticed in my own progress. After many years of sobriety I had to grow up and grow out of AA to a point. Therefore if AA no longer existed since I live the 12 steps and my relationships are with sober people who bring out the best in me, if there were no AA I would be Ok cause I am “AA”. AA is part of me now. It flows through my veins like good 12 step holistic and natural medicine. It has aided in my emotional healing, my character defects are arrested, and my acceptance level of other people is better. Also my fear of people would not have dissipated without AA. I advocate the right therapy to the ends of the Earth. But without AA to give me a place to call home how would I have ever become the new person I am today? Where would I have gone to practice my new communications skills? And the biggy Where would I have found you? People who understand what the hell I am talking about when I talk about me. You validate me in a way that is vital to my heart. It’s no wonder some members get upset if I point out one of the shrilling AA dogmas, or status quos that are not actually AA but are rampant in some sects. We are human. We screw up just like other large groups of people. Status quos are my little pet peeves which annoy me at times. Good people see good things in their surroundings. At the same time I don’t believe in blinding myself to clear and present lies, danger and evil. And although I doubt I will ever stop correcting the dogma, my heart is in AA forever.  AA is strong and true, it has no need for dishonest whitewashing.  Some people say if we don’t make the program look perfect to the newcomer they won’t stay.  Odd concepts to paint an entire program based in the principles of truth and transparency with a form of marketing deception.                                                                                                                                                                                        I like to think most people who promote AA do it with truth and experience, strength, and hope.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Blessings.