The Truth Will Set You Free from Addiction!

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“The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

What is an “AA/NA recovery god” and how do we recognize them so we do not fall into their traps and tricks?

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AA icons are not always easy to recognize.  They are the icons.  AA/NA rock stars.  Honey drips from their mouths when they share lies of false humility and egotistical false pride.

Recognizing their false pride & false humility is not so easy for the newcomers who are programmed into deception by the system itself.

When an AA god shares people tend to parrot them repeatedly.  Their words sound good & often sprout parrot wings growing into what is perceived as sobrieties sober wisdom.

Yes we have all been parrots a time or two.  It’s inevitable in the meetings.  The parrots do not realize if they only parrot words in their meetings they will not grow in emotional recovery.  Because they are not sharing Truth from their heart.  Nor will they become who they really are heart level Truth.  Shame will not drop off the walls of their hearts.  And the parrots will continue to hide by “fear of people” in plain sight.

“We are as sick as our secrets.”  Start Truth with the God box.  People will use your vulnerability against you if they can.  But their words will come back to them.

How to Recognize The Gods in AA by False Humility

False humility is cunning.  It masquerades as humility.  The sayer builds his pride by issuing it.  He misses by a mile the self worth he should be building by Truth.  He speaks of how he is “nothing”.  “I am nothing” he says.  “I am a worthless drug addict who doesn’t deserve anything”.  He goes on with insults against himself.  “I am so bad no one can equal my debauchery” he says as if he is proud to be debase of good character.

INSULTING ONE’S SELF IS NOT HUMILITY.  God doesn’t make junk.  The rule in recovery is never speak to myself demoralizing or insulting statement.  Where internal or external.  I am my best encouragement if the words of encouragement are True.

Building self worth requires esteemable actions.  We neither brag of our good qualities nor do we demoralize ourselves with insults.  We encourage of course by the contrasts of “what it WAS like, what happened, and what it’s like now.  “I will do better next time.”  “Progress not perfection because no human is perfect”.  The human condition requires work and the 12 steps to come to a place of emotional sobriety.  God in Heaven is the Peace maker who delivers those who seek Him reverently and earnestly.  God is not easy nor does He want to be showered with compliments of human manipulation attempts.

Telling God what we think He wants to hear is old behavior.  Addict behavior.  Speaking to God from our heart is Truth.

After the icon of AA wields his demoralizing statement of self to the whole room he then begins the false prides session of his sharing.  The AA icon NEVER SHARES HIS TRUE HEART.  NOR WILL HE SHOW AUTHENTIC WEAKNESS MAKING HIMSELF VULNERABLE to others.

Yet Truth and vulnerability are exaction what is needed to set us free from the dark demonic powers of addiction.

No longer is addiction “cunning baffling, and powerful” once Truth wields its sword to rip the vail of addiction in two.  We can know EXACTLY why we chose drugs and alcohol.  And we will look at that picture of the past and say…”no wonder I thought I needed drugs and alcohol, no wonder I became an addict, self destructive, no wonder I nearly offed myself”.

Personally it took me seven years of Truth & repeated step work to learn just who I really am and why I became the addict I was.

Share what’s on your heart.  By courage Truth wields it’s power.  Find the safe places to be vulnerable.  “I feel”, “I need”, “I was hurt”, “I was confounded”, how do I do this?”  How do I do that? Always try to share in th e”I” context to set yourself free by courage and showing your true heart.  By it you will help others.  And by it you will be set free.


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