Born Again Stripper

What Does A Stripper Do After She Meets God?


Hell Bent On Self Annihilation

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I was a stripper in Texas and in Florida. What a life. First club I worked at was a place called “Baby Dolls”. I started as a coctail waitress. Little did I know I was being primed for dancing. Oh, it was all my choice. But when a waitress sees the glory and attention that dancers receive with the money…well…that’s all it took for me to decide.

I was quite a drinker back then and made a mess of things. Still the owners and the managers were used to driving girls home so they don’t get abducted or thrown in jail for driving drunk.

My first few years of dancing was a haze. I drank and danced and made bad choices. I am fortunate I survive those days whatsoever. Dancers disappeared regularly in those days of the late 80s. I had no idea what the hidden dangers were back then of slavery abductions and of just insane kidnappers.

I was roofied over and over again. Once a girl I left the club with …her and I together with two Arab men. Big mistake. I vaggly remember who the girl was. All I know is two went in and only one came out. I remember her screaming. I had a habit of knowing when to be very friendly and compliant. It saved my life more than once. And probably saved it that night. She disappeared and they let me go the next morning after they had their way.

Once I left the club with a psycho drug dealer who had buckets of Cocaine I later found out when he took me to his remote farm house. He had a guy come over to kill me. I know this because the guy talked him out of it right in front of me. I never even tried to run. It was fucking insane. He feared the cops of course. On and on the near death experiences went.

A Spirit of Fear

I overdosed on Cocaine over and over. And Heroin. Once I am certain I died temporarily. Various people brought me back by various methods. If you shoot up salt water into a person’s vains who is overdosing it will save their ass.
I had a dark spiritual experience when I “went out” we called it, on Cocaine. I was trapped in a rock. As if my body was gone and my soul was put into a rock for preservation of judgement. That time a guy instructed his room mate to throw me in a dumpster. The room mate refused and gave me CPR instead. He told me if I ever come to hang out with the fat Italian prick who shot me up…again he would have no respect for me.
I didn’t respect myself. That didn’t stop me. It just made me paranoid as hell from then on.

I began having anxiety attacks and hyperventilating.  Once I had to leave the stage because I had a panic attack on stage that I felt I could not breath.  I was unfamiliar with panic attacks.  But I had visited a place of death that no living being is supposed to.  I couldn’t shake the fear.  Once fear overcame me so bad I was literally paralyzed with it.  Christians talk about a “spirit of fear” that God doesn’t give men.  They have no clue what the difference is between healthy fear and a spirit of fear.  SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.  It seemed I had a death wish.  I loathed who I was.

Programming of the Masses Is Real and By DESIGN

I was programmed from birth to be a drug addict.  And make no mistake, programming is very effective and for a reason.  Dark controllers infiltrate music, TV, (the image of the beast) and other forces of media and of peers that form men’s minds from birth.  All the dancers thought they were pieces of shit and believed it.  It wasn’t just me.  In the 70s the drug addict programs started with demoralization.  “I am bad & wrong”.  Then we all search for some personality to parrot and become.  I am not handing you a beast of burden but rather telling you the reasons I became who I was.  Blame and reasons are two separate things when your set in front of a TV from birth.


I have lots of stories but most of them I have forgotten.  Only the really traumatic instances stay in my memories.  At some point I became too Heroin addicted & irresponsible to hold a job dancing.  I spent years in prostitution.  I would go to the high dollar hotels coctail bars.  Meet up with men in suits and make what I thought was the big bucks at the time.    I knew street hookers who worked the streets for much less.  A very dangerous living.  Many of them disappeared as well.

My Bouts With Hep. B

In Texas the Heroin is plentiful coming straight up from Mexico.  I had hepatitis more times than I like to admit.  At least twice maybe three times if that’s possible.  When I was on the Methadone Clinic in San Antonio in the early 90s they asked me…”have you been tested for Hep C?”

WHAT????  As if Hep A & B were not bad enough now they had junkies dropping like flies over a new disease that was probably invented by the elite to kill worthless eaters.  Fuck you very much Gates of Hell!

Anyway I have a story attached to that.  I know what yellow skin, white stool, and coca cola urine feels like.  I know what an aching liver feels like.  I was desperate and carless.  When I used ANY needle that was not my own….I would either get the shakes and …I forgot what they call it.  Or show up with Heb B a few days later.  A Watermelon fast worked well to overcome the sickness.

The Good News.

Jesus Loved Mary Magdalene the prostitute.  I began to seek God by reading The Holy Bible (before it was desecrated-long story).  Whether all of the bible is true or not doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I sought God and He changed my life dramatically & instantly by praising the name of Jesus. With prayer by 5 or so people who laid hands on me.  However I needed to learn some coping skills.  And that is where AA 12 step programs come in.

Even with Godly deliverance I still needed to learn how to process my emotions.  Between therapy and AA I learned alot.  Jesus delivered me from panic attacks literally.

It’s this simple.  I began seeking out churches with alter calls and prayer by the laying on of hands.   Authentic full gospel churches that believe in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit I was pulled and led to a small Baptist Church in a meadow.  By the prayers of 5 or so Spirit filled believers I was delivered from bondage of sin & panic attacks…that was probably over 30 years ago.  IT WAS A PROCESS of Change that took time.  Some immediate deliverance results and other behaviors fell of in time.

I was also delivered from Hepatitis B residual and I was spared ever getting Heb C.  How do I know?

I got pregnant at 37 years old after my deliverance.  The doctors took my blood over and over and over.  They said this…”you could not of had Hepatitis B because you do not have the antibody.”   The garbage was cleared from my system I believe during the deliverance.

I continued to dance for several years after being born again.  I was an exquisite high end professional by this time.  Sobering up turned me into a very smart dancer.  I made more money than ever before.  My peers were absolutely amazed at the changes in me.  My boss queried me.  He never saw a dancer do a 180 on the flip side.  They all accepted my testimony of  Jesus & of deliverance.   Tell you this right now in my experience with people, most dancers are more Truthful & real than church people.  Church people are generally posers who are afraid to be who they really are.  They don’t show their true face.  They are split by division of flesh and Spirit.  God makes men whole by them becoming one in flesh with Spirit.

Anyone who says it’s a harder road to be in Christ and live a born again life, likely doesn’t know Jesus at all.  Because living to rely on Jesus is WAY BETTER AND WAY EASIER than a life of sin.  I have no idea what the Christians are thinking when they say that it’s a harder walk to be in Christ.  Clearly they are running on their own flesh simply trading one mask for another.  When God cleanses your heart and makes you clean He also makes you whole.  No wars of flesh and spirit anymore.  At least not any of the really ruff rides of temptation.   Sin is bondage.  Religion is also bondage called “Legion” in the book.  Legion is probably worse than immorality because it tends to deceive those who are sincerely seeking God.   We see the Legion posers in their masks and we ask.  “What’s wrong with us?   Why are we so bad they they so good?    The religious are harming those who sincerely seek God because they don’t admit their struggles or temptations.  Problem is these  posers do not know their own heart.  It takes work to deprogram from the beast systems mind set.

Born Again at age 27 Delivered from Immorality.  Then Delivered from Addiction at Age 30.  Long Horrid relapse on Crack and Again Delivered from the Prodigal Walk at Age 36.

When they prayed for me in the church I was drawn to I received a miracle.  I later received other healings.  My whiplash injury-healed by prayer.  My blood healed by prayer.  Drug addiction & abuse – healed by prayer.  My morals were the first thing God changed in me.  I was no longer a slut, prostitute, trading money for sex.  I had two or  three times of #1 prodigal son walk.  It was horrendous.  Crack smoking was at the helm.  I was a born again crack head.  God delivered me a second time from my Prodigal Son walk.  THAT IS HOW FAR GOD’S GRACE WILL GO.  He Loves us.  Even when we know Him and turn from Him in spite of knowing.  The guilt was unbearable.  I needed those AA 12 step coping skills.  I needed the therapy to find out who I really am.

Also God changed something else in me.  He made me a witness to the strippers.  I made their outfits and told my story.  I never fit into any churches..really.  Though I was in Choir for a few years.  People in churches wear masks.  They NEVER show their true identity.  The church people betrayed me by their acting.  But I think they believed they were the mask they wore.

God gave me several ministries through time.   First to strippers & prostitutes.  Then I spoke in AA for years sharing my story in front of large crowds of people.  I became a public speaker.  Very confidence building!  God made me a Seamstress (as the chaste woman in Proverbs) and a Scribe, a website developer, a witness, and He gave me useful spiritual gifts.  I have had one partner for over 16 years we are great friends.   The full story is in my book link at top of page.

“He Who The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed”.  See my testimony on youtube.