The Meaning of Life as a Human

An Angry Jane article

We are here for one reason.  To choose where we will spend and how we will spend our eternity.  Light or dark.  Good or evil.  God or godlessness.  That’s it.  but in the mean time I offer you emotional coping skills from the 12 steps to muddle your way through this mess we call the human condition.

Getting all the pieces of the puzzle in place will never fix the human condition. NEVER will everything be in place either, making life “good”.  Furthermore getting circumstances in the box is not what makes life good.  Circumstances trick us into being at ease or not being at ease.  This is natural and normal carnal solution to our disastrous situation called the human condition.

“If I just get every piece of the puzzle of my life in place THEN I will be happy, joyous, and free!”

BULLSHIT!  Mortal life is messy, bloody, it’s human, nasty, unspeakable, hurtful, evil, dangerous, perilous, and it’s just fucking WRONG!  It’s wrong in a thousand different ways.

NO WONDER YOUR ON FUCKING DRUGS FRIEND! Are you kidding me?  YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID.  If your not your blind or an idiot.

You’re facing head-on a shit pot of possibilities that are not pretty!  Death likely being the least scary of the group of impending threats.  Impending doom.  And inevitable human decay are looming closer and closer. Where in the hell will you turn?

And as long as we are human life will SUCK incrementally.  We will have fears a plenty and we will have illness, death, and suffering, disease, and God only knows what else.  Or we will die young and get the flock out of here unscathed.  But ot without God’s help.

We will lose the sex objects, the money, & power that distract & make bearable our condition.

The dope of course will stop working like it always does.  And Furthermore the human condition is a gaping & seeping wound that never really fucking heals.  So knowing this what in the name of God do we do with our fear of the unknown?  What do we do once we face Truth?

May as well go back to the dope right?


The dope makes the human condition which we are unable to escape, EVEN WORSE.

Distractions.  All humans have is distractions but they come and go.

OUT OF THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION. Learn that mantra your going to need it.  OUT OF THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION.  Say it till you believe it.  Use it.


Only God makes a Way when there seems to be no way at all!  This is what we must do, seek God in Truth.  Trying to manipulate Him is a bad idea.  Lying to Him, bad idea.

Sure we want His favor.  We want what HE ALONE CAN GIVE US.  A BETTER EXISTENCE THAN THIS ONE IS PROMISED BY ALL THE WRITINGS OF THE PROPHETS.  I have seen enough prophecy come to pass and enough miracles to know God is both real and good.

So we do step three even if we have to say “If you are real please give me a great sign so I can believe in You.”

We process and admit every fear.  We pray and ask God for peace of mind which surpasses all Earthly understanding.  Seek Him with all your heart because without God Almighty we won’t get to our next spiritual learning table.  We won’t get to our immortal supernatural promise land without God’s help.

I believe in eternal life everlasting.  I had spiritual experiences throughout my life which convinced me that I am not this body that I inhabit.  However I am reliant upon it.  And when it falters at being healthy and strong fear sets in.

Those who do not claim their fears never face their fears. To be human and to fear is not only part of the human condition.. it’s wise to expect and accept fear.

It’s the fear run riot that people allow to paralyze them, or even worse to hurt others because of it…that is the problem.  It’s the reactions to fear not fear itself which desiccates humanity.

Evil is as evil does.  Help others and do no harm is the creed of AA.  “You are right where you’re supposed to be” when your afraid….walk through the fear.

So then Laura of Acheron…what is the secret you speak of?  By the way Acheron is the river which runs next to Hell.

PROCESSING FEAR AND WRITING ONE’S MOST PREVALENT FEARS BY TRUTH WILL SET THE MAN FREE. (mankind meaning men/women)  Step four when worked in Truth with courageous candor spoken aloud in step 5, is the key to setting the man free from the secret demons that haunt him.

Write write write write and confess all your wrongs.  Then confess your shame, all of it.  Then confess your hurt of of them.   Confess all resentments and hate including God and self. Find out where your sickness originated and expose it to the light of Truth.  Don’t protect mommy and daddy by saying “they did their best”.  Take an honest look at what their ignorance did to you.

The Truth shall set you free from it.  Find a fifth step listener who will RELATE to your debauchery & fear.  A listener who will not judge you by your many sins and murdering acts of crime or revenge.

This is the only way to begin the process of clearing away the demons.  But first you MUST approach God with everything.  You either show God your entire heart hiding nothing and ask Him for His help.  Or you hide the worst parts of yourself in which case those parts will not get fixed.

It takes courage to face God with a shoulder loaded with sin and evil deeds. Wreckage of the past they call it.

Most people never do it.  Most people hide.  Most people have lied to themselves for so long that they are  now self deceived and spiritually lost.  Without a proper step three step four will not work.

What do they lie to themselves about?

Everything.  They believe they are the mask that they are wearing.  Self loathing does that to a person.  They fix their self hate by deceiving their own heart and burying it so deep they never hear from it again.

They crush their own heart’s voice calling it weak and beggarly.

“YE MUST become as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God.”

Little children don’t wear a spiritual mask.  Little children know what they really want and who they really are.  Little children are not yet self deceived and have not yet buried their own heart’s voice.  The walls of Jericho MUST come tumbling down my friend if you are to seek God in Truth.

And so that is my lesson for the day.  Are you teachable? 

Can you set your false pride away for long enough to see that you are afraid. That you are not the mask which you wear?  Can you admit your fears without falling apart?

Or do you still believe the worst lie of all?

That men who know fear are chicken shit, panzy, pussy, yellow belly and the rest of the choice words which the beast uses (oh yes the beast is out there) to make human kind bury hide, keep secret, and deny vehemently their fears.  Tossing fear into a deep well of souls, a living grave where their worst fears can take on a life of its own.  Gaining power over the mind within?

Keep secret your fear says the Beast, and there will be no spiritual growth for those who bury their own heart.  Attaining happy, joyous, and free requires many works of Truth & Faith, with Hope.

And when your done don’t be surprised to find that MOST people in any 12 step program NEVER ACTUALLY DO THE WORK THAT SETS MEN FREE.  Not in Truth and not thoroughly.  Or honorably.

What do most people in AA actually do?  They simply trade masks.  A dope fiend mask traded in for a recovery mask.

They don’t clean house.  They pretend to clean house.  They learn fully how to wear their new AA mask.  They receive little real change.  But faking it is better than nothing.  And it’s less of a challenge.

What’s the difference between the AA mask wearer.  And those who do the works of Truth?

The one who does the work changes for the better.  He will stay sober meetings or no meetings.  The other will relapse if he quits going to meetings because nothing changes if nothing changes.   The mask wearer stay sober for the sake of his peers.  He stays sober to look good.  And he follows and serves the status quo of AA gods.

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