Sanity in an Insane World?

Use the God Box.  Write your heart’s Truth.  The truth will set you free.

Wanting to be sedated in an insane world is not only common it’s also understandable to those who have worked the 12 steps in Truth.  Keep in mind most people cannot even admit their own fear of any variety.  The fear shaming during childhood by societal norms is just too overwhelming to resist.  We are ALL PROGRAMMED.

We are programmed and not in a good way.  In the seventies the children were bombarded by “get high be kool” propaganda.  But prior to that we were all bombarded with the typical “I am bad and wrong” initial programing.

Children are trained to not know their own heart’s voice.  And in the beginning when they are young, very young mom and dad are certain to sweetly let them know that every feeling they have is “incorrect” making them “wrong and bad”.

And so ensues the beginning of their self destructive behavioral patterns.

The child looks in the mirror and sees a broken child who she now begins to hate.  Self loathing and depression set in.

What’s the solution?


So the child commences to bury her own heart deep deep deep inside a well of deception and masks.  Tears are only acceptable when someone dies.  Grieving is only allowed in the appropriate settings.  Why else to people in AA grab hold of every chance at grieving when someone who they barely know dies in the program of NA or AA.

Drink the Mirror be Courageous. 

Few do, few can embrace their inner self.  Truth of who we are deep inside once the programming has set in is nearly impossible to embrace. But God makes a way where there seems to be no way.  And what’s the use of becoming who I really am?

Becoming who we really are is the Oracle gift.  It is the Holy Grail.  The searching of a lifetime.  To find one’s True identity after the trauma and rejection of the beast system will echo through eternity.  This life is short.  But eternity is well…eternal.

“Live for life to be” opposes the social norm of “Live to have a good time” or “Live for others” or “Live for our children” or “Live for charity”.

We ourselves are the only ones we can make choices for.  Why in the hell hand your choices over to a bottle of booze or a wife, or a child or anyone other than yourself?  Granted if we have young children we have no choice except to give and give for them.  Then when they are adults we can let them go to fly and find their own Holy Grail while we find ours.  It’s well worth it.

There are stipulations of course.  We must first be delivered from the bondage of sin in our lives.  The chains of sin must be the first slavery to overcome.

The seven deadly sins.





wrath/rage carried out



Simply making yourself go to a meeting daily will eventually starve sloth.  Along with house cleaning and showers it will run.  You may or may not feel it leave.

“Resist the devil and he shall flee.”

Gluttony, Lust, & Sloth can all be expelled by resistance.  Greed can eventually be expelled by giving thing away which you may covet.  Lust must be resisted and …when it left me I felt it leave. I squirmed like a starving energy that was no longer welcome in it’s former home.

Oh your don’t believe in demons?  Well make no mistake, they believe in you.  And they well take you down a path of death if you don’t fight.

If your a murderer then it will be difficult to resist the rage.  But the more you give in to killing.  The weaking you become spiritually.  Sin will strip you of your power if you allow it to rule your body.

Pentecostal Style Prayer With Laying on of Hands Really Works if the recipient praises Jesus aloud by name during the preachers prayers for them.

However some people are just not desperate enough to lay down their pride and lift up God’s Son by name.

Right now many are working to silence the Mighty Name of Jesus by saying that it’s not His name after all.  However

Personally I had two preacher deliver me from three different demons.  One of bondage in my body called addiction.  But then I had the habits to deal with once the addict demon was cast out.  Behaviors had to change too.  The demon followed me around for years after it was cast out trying to get back into its house.  Finally another preacher prayed over me and I felt it leave me.  It was perched above my head.

I was also healed of a whiplash injury which plagued me for years with pain.  The preacher was trying to heal my back pain and my whiplash was cured instead.  Not sure why The Holy Spirit worked like that.  I think the whiplash would have ended up being far worse long term than the back problem.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love (respect, care for) God and live according to His will.”

I was an addict for many years.  God delivered me by His Grace and forgiveness.



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