Sanity in an Insane World?

Use the God Box.  Write your heart’s Truth.  The truth will set you free.

Wanting to be sedated in an insane world is not only common it’s also understandable to those who have worked the 12 steps in Truth.  Keep in mind most people cannot even admit their own fear of any variety.  The fear shaming during childhood by societal norms is just too overwhelming to resist.  We are ALL PROGRAMMED.

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The Meaning of Life as a Human

An Angry Jane article

We are here for one reason.  To choose where we will spend and how we will spend our eternity.  Light or dark.  Good or evil.  God or godlessness.  That’s it.  but in the mean time I offer you emotional coping skills from the 12 steps to muddle your way through this mess we call the human condition.

Getting all the pieces of the puzzle in place will never fix the human condition. NEVER will everything be in place either, making life “good”.  Furthermore getting circumstances in the box is not what makes life good.  Circumstances trick us into being at ease or not being at ease.  This is natural and normal carnal solution to our disastrous situation called the human condition.

“If I just get every piece of the puzzle of my life in place THEN I will be happy, joyous, and free!”

BULLSHIT!  Mortal life is messy, bloody, it’s human, nasty, unspeakable, hurtful, evil, dangerous, perilous, and it’s just fucking WRONG!  It’s wrong in a thousand different ways.

NO WONDER YOUR ON FUCKING DRUGS FRIEND! Are you kidding me?  YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID.  If your not your blind or an idiot.

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Seek God Become the Clay in His Hands

Become the Mirror Drinker

“We must become as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God”____Jesus

LIttle children know their own heart. They are not yet corrupt by the beast system. They are of truth and express Truth. They know who they are and what they want. Adults lose themselves and become the mask they wear (social programming) due to beast programming. Adults don’t know how to rely rely rely on God as a child relies on their own Father whom they depend and trust/Love as best they know how. Adults engage in denial at depths of self deception. The only way to become as a child is to become the clay in God’s hands. Children don’t bullshit God and themselves. They do not ‘act’ prior to corruption, they are not fake. Most people today have no idea who or how they became who they are. We must be molded and shaped by God to realize our own hearts. And to accept our humanity, and imperfection. To end the battle of flesh Spirit. And then to be purified, made white. And to sit and wait I say wait for The Lord. Children tell the Truth. Adults manipulate and say what they think God wants to hear to manipulate Him toward whatever it is they think they need. Oftentimes the adult just wants God to Love them. But they cannot reach the vulnerable child in their heart to say it to God. I just want you to Love me. Same thing they don’t realize in their relationships anymore. Because they have lost the vulnerable part of themselves. Hiding it deep under the fear.

Why Was Christmas Really Invented?

Don’t Read This Story if You Want to Retain the Fairytale Idealism of a Fantasy Christmas Day.  This article with smash your perceptions.


Decoding of The Christmas Program.  (please read at minimum the final paragraph).

Predictive Programming- To put a movie, ad campaign, show, media, on TV (image of the beast) radio or any large public platform.  The narrative of the TV campaign is to invite a specifically geared common subconscious reaction.   They anticipate by knowledge & experience how a majority will react to the TV program of the mind.

Example- The news advertises a run on the banks and the crashing of the financial system.  The common reaction is to move our money somewhere safe.


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