Alcoholics Anonymous Counterfeit 13 Steps of AA

Written by Brenda Lane


DISCLAIMER: These 13 steps are DOGMA AND SATIRE.  They are what I have seen in AA over and over.  This article does not apply to nor is it written of the true and miraculous program of fellowship called AA with it's actual 12 steps.

When sick alcoholics use their spiritual deficit to create rules and regulations based in character defects the false AA then appears.  These false rules geared in and around the people of AA become a false doctrine to worship. False doctrines occur in any group of humans who subconsciously relish religious error and mistake spirituality for legalism.  Why would we of AA be any different than typical religion?  AA is a religion in the true sense of the word, we work the program “religiously”.  So of course we have dogma and error in the rooms.  This article is to expose that error.

Fake responsibility pledge #A

A. Never ever do anything but whitewash AA as a perfect program.  Any constructive criticism no matter how true or rampant the error in AA is.  Correcting AA is forbidden.   Anyone who points out common misconceptions in AA will be shunned as holding intense resentment and belittled with name-calling and will surely relapse.

Here is a link and explanation of the true AA and Why it Works.

The Sick Man’s 13 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous according to DOGMA & STATUS QUO

  1. We will be powerless over our own actions forever. If we claim, we have any power over anything we will relapse.
  2. We must always call ourselves alcoholics and ‘sick’ or we will relapse. Labeling ourselves “sick” is the fiber that keeps us sober. If we say we are healed or well, we are obviously blind.
  3. We must turn our will and our life over to the eternal care/power of AA meetings and vow always to attend AA meetings or we will relapse.
  4. We must never have an opinion or belief system other than AA PERIOD. AA is the only belief system that has truth and knowledge.  All other books and knowledge are heresy and lies and in direct competition with us and an insult to our ego.  Any other belief system is an accuser of the fellows.*******************
  5. ENCOURAGEMENT IS FORBIDDEN and weak. We must beat down our sponsees.  As we were and are beat down we beat down others to build them up in the belief systems of AA.  Clearly EVERYTHING WRONG IN OUR LIFE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE OUR OWN FAULT.  Wrongs done to us do not exist and will be strictly shut down if mentioned in any meeting.
  6. We must NEVER admit being afraid/ashamed/ or sad except in our old life.  Having any emotions other than Happy joyous and free are results of working a “bad program”. All emotions are character flaws.  We are to repress/deny all negative emotions.  All fears, and personal feelings are garbage and must be silenced, therefore our hearts voice is also garbage and we better know and admit that, or we will relapse.
  7. The Big Book is our Bible. Bill W. is our little god.  He never ever made any human mistakes since he is the messiah and the savior of all sober alcoholics therefore perfect in all his writings and ways.  Bill W. was sinless.
  8. Anyone who contradicts any AA literature is considered a heretic and will relapse
  9. Self-worth and self-esteem are character defects. We must never acknowledge our worth in any way or we WILL relapse. (Apparently, God does make junk.) Our informed opinions on the Earth, politics, finances, morality, or ANYTHING, including concerns regarding our own reputation and what other’s think of us are all considered “outside issues” and therefore NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.  We are not worthy & are forbidden to share personal opinions of any kind, anywhere political or otherwise.  Furthermore concerns with our reputation and the Love of others toward us isn’t our business.  Therefore a desire to be Loved, esteemed, or liked by others is clearly blase’,  jaded, weak and unspiritual.
  10. If someone asks us for service work we are vowed to say yes. If we don’t agree we will be shunned and relapse.
  11. If you don’t have a sponsor you will relapse and are an idiot. Our sponsors are responsible for our self-inventory. We are incapable of taking our own inventory because we are eternally blind. Our sponsors make our choices for us.  They teach us right from wrong because we are incapable of such knowledge.
  12. SOBRIETY IS NOT FREE. We owe Alcoholics Anonymous and must pay AA back as we have vowed to do eternally according to the responsibility pledge. We owe, we owe we owe.
  13. Religion/Christianity is the greatest evil of all and must be avoided at all costs. We recoil from any and all organized Christianity.  The mention of “Jesus” in any AA meetings will result in a swift shut down by the chairperson and you will lose your right to share if you continue in such a manner of speech.

Our Humility Pledge: Humility is the act of putting one’s self down.  The beatdown shows humility and is healthy.  All self-worth is unhealthy and must be eradicated from our personalities. The more a person belittles himself the healthier he is.   Working a good program is evident by our level of self-abasing.

13 Forbidden CONCEPTS/TRADITIONS & terms and actions within AA and in meetings.

  1. It is forbidden to mention “Narcotics Anonymous” in any AA meeting.  NA must and will always be referred to as “the other program” or swift punishment and shunning will result.
  2.  The word “Jesus” is strictly forbidden in meetings.
  3. Crying in meetings is considered “puking up your garbage” in meetings and is strictly forbidden.
  4. If you drank today you’re not capable of speech or truth and are forbidden to speak in a meeting and will be promptly shut down and shunned.
  5. We don’t talk about sexual abuse even though most alcoholics have suffered same.
  6. It is forbidden to mention wrongs suffered.  If anything is ever wrong it is always our fault no matter what it is. If mass murder, abuse or holocaust occurs and we are not at peace with it, fight, or don’t accept it, we are always in the wrong, it’s our fault.  We must accept all evil done to us as our own fault.
  7. Childhood trauma is irrelevant to our alcoholism and clearly considered an outside issue.  Childhood abuse is our own fault.
  8. Alcoholism is a genetic disease and has nothing to do with anything we have experienced in life.
  9. The only grieving that is permitted in AA is when someone dies.  Death of others is the only time we are allowed to show sadness, grief or be upset.  Otherwise showing negative emotion is a clear result of working a bad program since emotions are all character defects.
  10. If you don’t have a sponsor your due to relapse and is forbidden.
  11. Atheism is forbidden and Atheists will be shunned.
  12. There is no difference between false pride and real pride (like in a job well done).  We have no concept of good pride, again, self worth is bad.  Doing “the next right thing” is a mystery we have no idea why it works.  Self esteem and ego are the same to us.  Any acknowledgment of self good is ego and must be crushed.  All feelings are character defects.
  13. The  program of AA is a mystery and we have no idea how or why it works.  If you say you know “why” it works your clearly a heretic.**************************************