What The Spirit Says to the Churches “Get your house in order now”.

Why?  Why “Get your House in Order”?

Update-Wow I called this one in 2020.  Now in 2022 nearly December I have used up much of my prepper food and stuff.  “Waste not the oil and the wine.”  Perhaps I was not the only one whose small business has been crashed by 50% or more $$.

2020 Article

Why is it time to get our houses in order?  And what does that mean anyway.

It means emotionally clear up all 4th step shame, resentments, and fears by writing, sharing, and confessing to God.

Also it means get your literal house in order so you know what you have and where its located.  Get your 20lb bags of rice.  Have a way to survive without electricity.  And remove clutter and dirt.  Make sure you don’t have undo work to do because when kaos strikes around January 28th at the wolf moon or even as soon as late November 2020 you do not want any undo stress from an unclean and cluttered living space.   (https://jazweeh.com see end times predictions at Jazweeh.com)

What Kaos is going to strike Jazweeh?

Figure some event that causes no electricity, possible flooding or fires.  Famine due to no food at the stores. Possible lock downs by martial law.  Kaos in the streets because people are scared and hungry.  Crime will escalate you can just image.  Please be prepared if you take meds having extras backup even if you have to cut your dose in half and stock pile.  Have 60 days food/water/drugs/ on hand.

What event would cause these symptoms?  Pick a card any card.



earth quakes

asteroids (allegedly)



Intentional corporate induced halts to supply lines.

something unexpected

Heads up!  Do not go out on Halloween unless you wear the spiritual armor of God.