AA Tradition Ten Again

What Tradition Ten is actually about  .

Above is the LINK to the long version of tradition 10 however to fully understand the tradition it should be read in the Twelve and Twelve.  

Tradition Ten According to AA Dogma Not the whole picture.  I don’t implicate AA because I have an opinion.  I implicate AA if I am speaking in a professional capacity for AA. and it’s groups, or offices.
Tradition Ten apparently not a long enough version 10. No A.A. group or member should ever, in such a way as to implicate A.A., express any opinion on outside controversial issues — particularly those of politics, alcohol reform, or sectarian religion. The Alcoholics Anonymous groups oppose no one. Concerning such matters they can express no views whatever.

Sorry guys I took the filters off for this article mainly because I have repeatedly been told I don’t have a right to express my own opinion because of Tradition Ten, ABSURD HUH?  And we wonder why people think AA is a cult.

The AA Cliché as a Weapon of War Comes from a Broken Heart and a misguided mind.

Disclaimer: Not everyone uses these cliches with the motives of a killer.  Some people say them in kindness and a helpful spirit.

  1. What does “keep coming back” really mean?

You’re an ass hole and don’t know shit about sobriety, I am way more emotionally sober than you are you need way more meetings than I do.


  1. Some are sicker than others:

You’re a sick bastard way more fucked up than I ever was when I got here so you need more meetings than I do.

  1. “Gratitude is an action” Right, come along we are going gratituding tonight. Right; makes perfect sense.

To the Pirate AA dictionary scholar.

  1. ‘Time takes time’ Brilliant saying simple and profound and lets not leave out redundant as hell, redundancy is redundant after all.
  2. Tradition Ten has morphed: It started out as a rule for those who speak for the whole of AA.  AA AS A WHOLE takes no official view or opinions on outside issues read it in the Twelve and Twelve under ‘Tradition Ten’.

        Morphism-We members are not allowed to have an opinion on politics or religion or anything and everything called outside issues.  And if I don’t like your opinion I will stamp ‘outside issue’ on it and shut your ass down fast.  Right, another AA cliché sword that holds no truth whatsoever.  Hello, we got sober to gain enough self-esteem to grow into who we are and what our views are and if we express them, it is a good thing.  No opinion my ass.  There are very few people who speak for the whole of AA. and they are the only ones who must not co-sign on outside issues WHEN SPEAKING FOR THE WHOLE of AA in a formal and professional capacity and a trusted servant of AA.  If you think, you’re not allowed to have an opinion on outside issues keep your fucking opinion to yourself.  Also AA groups should be included in speaking for AA in any capacity and Tradition Ten Law.  Plain and simple when I am not speaking for AA I can have and express my opinion.   

  1. Anger is a character defect and should quickly be suppressed so it will come out sideways later on at the one’s you love most.   Just like we no longer get resentments once we are sober.  Well I resent all the bullshit I have heard in the rooms and this is me getting it out.  Hurt or fear fuel anger or control issues I will get to that later.  Anger is a God given emotion that can be dealt with by crying, journaling, screaming in your car, guttural sounds, and talking things out. 




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