Answers to quiz “Do you know your Big Book?”

Answers to A.A. quiz
Correct Answers

1  We should be armed with…facts about ourselves
2.   What kind of disease?  A spiritual disease
3.   What kind of list?  A list of our fears
4. Bills reason for our being in the world?  To play the role God assigns.
5.  Responsibility pledge controversy?  2& 3 not in big book and implies debt to AA

6. While working with others avoid:  Argument and fault finding-
7.   What do we carry every day according to Bill W.?  Carry the vision of God’s will into all our activities.
8. What thought should be with us constantly?  How can I best serve thee and thy will be done.
9.   Bill labels us?  Undisciplined-
10. Bill W.’s labels for alcoholics   All of the above, below:

a. Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
b. Incredibly dishonest and selfish
c. In respect to liquor Dangerously anti-social
d. Insanely drunk
11.A careless or inconsiderate remark:  Will raise the devil
12 Relationship question:   all of the above is correct

See the 5 Worst Foods for your Waistline

Food companies could be destroying your health!

Click the link or the photo.

Please Click the pic then click the play arrow in next page.  Video has a 3 second delay before start.

This video will tell you exactly what the worst foods are and what they do to us.  What is the chemical “High Fructose Corn Syrup”?  And how does our brain react to both preservatives and HFCS?

It’s no wonder our country is overweight.  This video tells how to beat a fat waistline and still eat yummy foods.



“And a third of the waters were blood” (Revelation 16)

"And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea."



Let me spell out RED TIDE AND DEAD ZONES.  Pollutants knock the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem way off kilter.  Then hoards of UN-NATURAL algae grow on top of the ocean.  They quickly bloom AND THEN DIE.  With their death comes an array of negative effects which are all put to motion originally by oil drilling and man made fertilizers.  (organic fertilizers not near as bad

I WAS JUST IN BRADENTON AND ANNA MARIA ISLAND (West coast of Florida)  The beach is uninhabitable.

Once again nitrogen oxides and other chemicals are destroying the oceans delicate balance.  Chemicals have destroyed the west coast beaches of Florida all the way from Tampa to Naples (see 2016 red tide map current status).The air or I should say “lack of air” on the beach is unbreathable…LITTLE OXYGEN in many spots.   You just can’t breath air that doesn’t contain oxygen.   Standing near the beach is like breathing pepper spray if you have ever experience that.  And believe you me it will get you sick if you stay down there for very long.

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Suffering from Addiction? You CAN RECOVER!

I Want Every Addict to Know,

addiction can be a thing of the past.  It doesn’t have to be a threat to us for evermore.  We don’t have to fear it crouching outside the rooms like some powerful beast cunning baffling powerful.  FEAR is not what the 12 steps teach us.

The reason people are always on the edge of relapse or fear they will is because they have not worked the twelve steps to the point of learning to live them.  If fear could keep us sober then we would have stayed sober along time ago of our own accord.  Because fear is one thing that most addicts are well versed in.

The second reason people don’t stay sober is because

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Radiolab-ADDICTION-The Fix

Radio Lab

The Fix-Addiction & Recovery

Here is the original link to this show at radio lab.

This episode we take a sober look at the throbbing, aching, craving desire states that return people (again and again) to the object of their addiction … and the pills that just might set them free.

Reporter Amy O’Leary was fed up with her ex-boyfriend’s hard-drinking, when she discovered a French doctor’s memoir titled The End of My Addiction. The fix that he proposed seemed too good to be true. But her phone call with the doctor left her, and us, even more intrigued. Could this malady – so often seen as moral and spiritual – really be beaten back with a pill?

We talk to addiction researcher Dr. Anna Rose Childress, addiction psychologist Dr. Mark Willenbring, journalist Gabrielle Glaser, The National Institute of Health’s Dr. Nora Volkow, and scores of people dealing with substance abuse as we try to figure out whether we’re in the midst of a sea change in how we think about addiction.

Produced by Andy Mills with Simon Adler

If you are someone looking for help with a substance abuse problem and want to find health care services in your area, check out this map from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

For more on Dr. Mark Willenbring and the Alltyr Clinic visit their website.

If you’d like to hear more from Nora Volkow you can watch her speech from this summer’s American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting.

Or watch her and other top addiction researchers at last year’s World Science Fair

Silent Lucidity

Recovery is a place you learn to face your fears. Walk through the fear. But not only that express the fear in a healthy way if need be to better overcome it. Writing, sharing, crying, praying, are all healthy ways to relieve the very fear that is at the core of addiction.

Wells Fargo is Being Hacked I Have Proof

I apologize to everyone that the proof I had mysteriously disappeared from my files so I deleted the webpage.  However if you have questions just email me at

I will say this.  Wells fargo posts to “pending transactions” first at which time the money is deducted from your balance.  Then once the authorization and transaction have been completed the “pending transaction” disappears and is placed just below in “posted transactions”.

The way I was being hacked was this; Once a legit charge of mine went from pending to posted it would then disappear from posted.  Then it would reappear in pending as a new charge and the process would start again.   The money would be deducted a second time.  The only difference was the date of the authorization had changed to 24 hrs later.  And the routing numbers which the money is sent to of course would go to the hackers.  So the only way to verify weather I was hacked or not is by the date and the routing numbers which only Wells Fargo has.  I feel I should have access to any banks routing numbers if I am sending them money.  I shouldn’t have to call Wells Fargo to verify that what says is “Wal-mart” is in fact a “Walmart” bank account.  Just because it says it’s Walmart doesn’t mean the money is actually being sent to a Wal-mart bank account.  This is a duplicate charge except the money goes to a different place.  I cannot believe Wells Fargo doesn’t have safe guards against sending money to an account that says “Walmart” yet is actually Joe Hacker.

I should add, this happened over and over.  I changed to a new W.F. account and it started again.  They were not hacking my online account because I can’t erase transactions and put new ones in.  Obviously they had full authority to move numbers around.  I should also say that W.F. did give me my money back every time I reported it.  But the thing is, it’s a hard thing to catch if you have allot of transactions rushing through your account.  What I do now is follow the money.  Every day I check my account and make copies of the activity.  That way if a completed transaction get’s erased I have proof.  And this was the proof I had that it was happening.  I don’t know what happened to the data.  And yes they used Wal-mart and several other debits that are common to my account.  But they made the mistake of taking money when I had very small balances.  They are brazen absolutely brazen  And highly intelligent.

For now W.F. has gotten them OUT of my account…but I am watching.

Please Help with a Kitty Donation

Sick Cat

My name is Pumpkin-head. I have been the best friend of Rick M. for close to ten years.  Rick is on Social Security and he is looking for work. You see, he’s trying to save/extend my life. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with kidney disease. There is no cure, and sadly it will eventually kill me.
There is a special diet and there are medicines that will make me comfortable and extend my life, but they are very expensive–especially for  a man on a fixed income. Last week he put $2000.00 on a credit card that he wonders how he will pay, but he worries more about me than the credit card bill.
Until I am off of the medicines (in 6 weeks), it is costing him close to a hundred dollars a week to keep me comfortable and happy. I don’t know how much longer he can keep it up–but I’m so thankful to him. I love him, and do not want to leave him. He loves me so much.
Anything you can do to help him and me will be greatly appreciated.
Love You,
Help spread the word!