The Consummation of The Forehead Mark of The Beast

How Do I Find God & Connect With Him

(not a sobriety article a article

The Mighty name of Jesus is The Way to receive The Holy Spirit.  Receiving The Holy Spirit Baptism is no small thing that goes unnoticed.  With it comes all kinds of gifts, revelations, Love, Truth, epiphanies, and total life changes.

What will you lose when receiving The Holy Spirit in The name of Jesus?

Bondage, oppression, some self destructive habits, reliance on the lie, it varies.

Link below has a spiritually advanced article for the elect chosen few of God.  Or for those Who seek God, & are perhaps Bible believers, Faithful, Hopeful, Grace believers, prophecy seekers, Jesus Lovers, and those who believe we re in the end of days, and those who believe in the supernatural dark and light.  The article at the link is not for the faint of heart.  Remember God looks upon the heart.   Salvation is not about sinless perfection or none would be saved.

Make a fear list and ask God to remove those fears.  Work the steps as a child without walls of protection around one’s heart.  To become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God we MUST become vulnerable by exposing our deepest secrets and deepest fears, shame, guilt, hate, love, hurt, trauma.

Step eleven is how we break out of the natural into the supernatural.  Without practicing meditation repeatedly we likely will not hear our spirit guides or God on a regular basis as needed.

Step four–If you think you have no fear then the Truth is not in you or you have not looked deep enough.  Fear is part of the human condition.  Being shamed for fear is what the beast system does.  Repressed fear and blindness by invoking one’s own intellect oppressing the child-like voice & screams of our heart is how the enemy gets the upper hand.

When the heart speaks we should listen.  All deep wounds must be processed by writing, sharing, expressing, crying, screaming, or deep guttural sounds.  Trauma will come out sideways in the way of blame if not addressed.

“All have sinned and fallen short of God’s will for us”  But rather salvation is about your relationship with God and your ability to be both transparent and self aware.  For those who deceived themselves regarding their own heart are incapable of presenting their true heart to God.

We must first pray for God’s will in our lives and for Him to fix our heart so we know how to appear before Him in Truth.

The Consummation of The Forehead Mark of The Beast