Addiction is no Longer “Baffling” to me and many others

What is “The Cure” and how Long Does it Take?

One -reprogramming of behaviors by AA or NA meetings or a similar habitual fellowship.  Two-And you need healing from emotional trauma.  Trauma have not yet even identified, much less addressed.  Three-Spiritual help from God to face one’s past one step at a time.  Watch Dr. Gabor Mate’ vids.

Below I explain these two tasks in a general way.  It takes 7 years of intense work to reprogram behaviors.  But without the emotional trauma work & the spiritual enlightenment & overhaul, you will need meetings the rest of your life.

The culprits are fear, shame, hurt, false pride, self deception, the inability to process emotions, & an intense denial of fears that the intellect deems illogical.

People think automatically that when I say “cure for addiction” I mean they can successfully drink again.  No!  By cure I mean, we won’t want to drink again, no desire.  Also by cure I mean doing the work to define & find the emotional causes of the allergy and processing those emotional triggers.

People usually would rather call addiction a disease than to admit and face their own debilitating fear & pain.  Why?  Because to do that we must become emotionally vulnerable.  The Truth shall set you free.

Being “baffled” by anything isn’t a stance we should fight to stay in, is it? Dr. Gabor (video at end of page) says, “The heart of addiction is ALWAYS emotional loss.”(trauma, neglect, abuse).

Thing is children have no way of recognizing emotional abuse when it’s happening. The addict adult scarcely wants to process the real causes of his pain especially when its mommy or daddy they defend vehemently!  “I needed to be spanked or beaten it was for my own good.”

They have no clue what being violently treated does to a child’s self worth.  Or that their own heart is screaming out inside.

The real cure for addiction doesn’t poise addiction as being magically stronger than an emotional healing. By far the healing from addiction leaves one enlightened and seldom if ever wanting to avoid life and reality.

Make no mistake Spirituality is a cure to anything when applied. That’s not rocket science. So, what is the allergy? The allergy component in addiction is emotional pain, shame, and fear.

When the pain & hurt are cleared up there’s no reason to numb one’s self. If I am not in emotional pain my body won’t react to drugs with a sigh of relief. Again…this isn’t rocket science.

Some people feel the great relief when they do they dope.  And others just get high.  That is the deciding factor.  And who wouldn’t keep grabbing for their cure to intense fear and debilitating emotional pain?  My issue is this, its so simple like 1+1 why in the hell does the world label addiction baffling?

Because your also dealing with programming.  Once a person uses dope as a solution to pain for so many years it becomes habit, programming.  And its not at all easy to quit.  Even for those who have addressed their core issues of hurt, rejection, & being abused by those they trusted most.  Now they have to make something else habitual–the 12 steps and meetings.  But after seven years of meetings if a man does the work he should be able to put down the meetings,  (The meetings are the reprogramming) and just use the 12 steps as a behavioral guide from there on out.

I said the cure is spiritual and it is.  If a man doesn’t include prayer and meditation with positive daily affirmations of his own goodness he’s missing part of the cure.

But addicts will do anything to avoid seeing that their “pack” and childhood in most cases is what made them sick in the first place. Believe me I know the subconscious will to protect the pack. I know how to bury memories and avoid core feelings. The pack mentality stands guard to protect every addiction. False pride sits with it’s gun cocked and ready to shoot down any realizations of intense shame. The ego screams and shuts down any tears that form at the base of core emotional issues. “Out of the problem into the solution!” is only good advice when we are reveling in chaos, blame,

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