Parasites-Evil or Good?

Omg. Have you heard of the Parasitic wasp that only preys on Cockroaches? It paralyzes the roach and literally makes the roach his bitch till the babies bust out of the stomach, kind of like “Alien”. Check it out. “In Defense of Cheats” .  You guys must listen to these radio shows. The middle one may be the whole show (not sure) Start with that one cause it’s the beginning. Who knew that hook worms can cure diseases. And the story of the parasitic wasp that preys on roaches is out of this world crazy! I have discovered “SCIENCE LAB” on NPR Radio it’s awesome, very educational and entertaining at the same time.

Here’s the link to the actual page for more info if you like:

Sculptors of Monumental Narrative-The Hookworm Cure

Beginning of show, Listen here first.

Have you heard of the “Parasitic Wasp” who preys only on Roaches?


We pay tribute to the ingenious (and stomach-churning) ways that parasites hook up with hosts in our Parasites episode. Case in point: the parasitic nematode, which turns an ant’s rear end into a ripe-looking red morsel that, to a hungry bird, looks like a juicy berry.