To All Addicts Recovered, Recovering, and Still Doing Research

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The program works.  Are people going to AA meeting amist the CV?  I wouldn’t know as I have not been in a few months.  I do live the steps 12 in my emotional life.   Now that I have become who I really am less the shame and the “I am bad and wrong” program the beast downloaded to my heart I find little need for meetings these days.  Please comment answers below.

I want to let you all know why I have not been writing articles about recovery.  I have purchases several new domain names and have shifted my focus onto end times articles about the great tribulation, prophecy, end times topics, and spiritual matters.  Jesus is my Higher Power… the way the word “Higher Powers” has made an appearance in the KJVB.  The book is changing supernaturally on the shelves.  That’s right!  This is one of the great signs and wonders that has shifted my focus onto end times prophecy.

You can find my websites here  (supernatural bible changes website) (to read my book free) (a site I picked up and made as a gift to Dana Ashlie but she was not gracious or grateful and attacked me trying to get it taken down instead of utilizing it.  I gave her full access to use the site. READ MORE HERE working on a resentment toward Dana Ashlie.

Parasites-Evil or Good?

Omg. Have you heard of the Parasitic wasp that only preys on Cockroaches? It paralyzes the roach and literally makes the roach his bitch till the babies bust out of the stomach, kind of like “Alien”. Check it out. “In Defense of Cheats” .  You guys must listen to these radio shows. The middle one may be the whole show (not sure) Start with that one cause it’s the beginning. Who knew that hook worms can cure diseases. And the story of the parasitic wasp that preys on roaches is out of this world crazy! I have discovered “SCIENCE LAB” on NPR Radio it’s awesome, very educational and entertaining at the same time.

Here’s the link to the actual page for more info if you like:

Sculptors of Monumental Narrative-The Hookworm Cure

Beginning of show, Listen here first.

Have you heard of the “Parasitic Wasp” who preys only on Roaches?


We pay tribute to the ingenious (and stomach-churning) ways that parasites hook up with hosts in our Parasites episode. Case in point: the parasitic nematode, which turns an ant’s rear end into a ripe-looking red morsel that, to a hungry bird, looks like a juicy berry.