The Most Valuable Lesson in Recovery

You are beautiful and there are ways to teach your heart to believe it.

Truly Step Eleven has brought me the most enlightenment, healing, self awareness, and fulfillment of all the 12 steps.  Granted, the other eleven steps are necessary for recovery.  But had I not spent years in meditation I would not know myself or my Higher Power very well.

My Higher Power is light and life.  I am light and life.  Connecting to my H.P. during prayer and meditation allows me to absorb the gifts the Spirit has for me.  The most wonderful experience and closeness to The Creator I have ever

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Suffering from Addiction? You CAN RECOVER!

I Want Every Addict to Know,

addiction can be a thing of the past.  It doesn’t have to be a threat to us for evermore.  We don’t have to fear it crouching outside the rooms like some powerful beast cunning baffling powerful.  FEAR is not what the 12 steps teach us.

The reason people are always on the edge of relapse or fear they will is because they have not worked the twelve steps to the point of learning to live them.  If fear could keep us sober then we would have stayed sober along time ago of our own accord.  Because fear is one thing that most addicts are well versed in.

The second reason people don’t stay sober is because

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