Welcome Back to Recovery Farmhouse

Time Takes Time.  Getting Sober Means New narratives of the mind.  We can overcome addict behavior.

Start every day with God’s help.  I pray God that you grant to me that which I need to survive safely the day before me.  Thank you for your help.

Practice building Self Worth.  And the TRUTH shall set me free.

What truth?  By working the 12 steps with courageous truth I can know myself and finally embrace my weaknesses and strengths.  By God’s Love & help the Truth of my fourth and fifth steps coupled with meetings & steps 11 & 12 these will set me free from bondage &/or addiction.

Your right where your supposed to be.  Fear not your feelings.  This too shall pass.  Let not fear paralyze you.  I will walk through the fear.  All men fear, few are courageous enough to admit it, and fewer learn to embrace their fears by invoking courage to walk through the fear.  Embrace the new feeling of sobriety become the warrior.  Learn the new normal emotion of clean and sober anticipation.  Walk through the fear.  Out of the problem into the solutions.  Express your heart at meetings.  FEELINGS ARE NEVER WRONG they are based in your experiences.

My Self Dialogue to Self

I am not bad and wrong.  I am not a bad person trying to get good, I am a misguided, and (perhaps) sick person trying to get well.  I put on my shoes and take a walk, move a muscle change a thought.  Put on my shoes feel the power.  Always shower.  Sober living is intense but the pink cloud will come soon enough with a silver lining.  Eat well.  Sleep well. Rest if I cannot sleep I will rest.  Prayer and meditation is vital for sober reprogramming of the addict mind.

Meetings are vital for reprogramming the addict mind. NEVER EVER speak disrespectfully to myself or to others.  Always encourage my self in thoughts & in meditation.  Positive affirmations are vital to reprogram the addict mind.

Don’t fear feelings.  Do not deny fear.  Embrace all fear and make a pledge during fear.  “I will walk through this fear.  Fear is part of the human condition”.  Fear is the appropriate feeling in me.  Walk through the fear.  Out of the problem into the solution.  Embrace fear by the pledge “I shall walk through this fear”.  And by embracing this fear I also embrace courage.  I am courageous.

How do I form self Love and self worth?  I embrace all parts of me.  There is no wrong feeling in me.  All feelings are valid and from experience.  Each esteemable act creates self worth in me.

I shall pray and meditate daily.  I shall work the 12 steps in Truth and in hope of a new great understanding of who and why I am.  I show myself Love and understanding today knowing that my parents never gave me the directions to live happy joyous and free from bondage.  He who God Almighty sets free is free indeed.

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